But Wait(), There's More! A Crash Course in Coroutines


Hi BUG! This month we are excited to introduce Jonathan Rubinger from Mightier, who will be talking about Coroutines.

While the Update() loop has long enjoyed celebrity status, the classier coroutine maintains a cult following among devs who admire its cleanliness, versatility and performance. In this talk, JR will take perfectly reasonable gameplay code and over-coroutine the heck out of it for your enjoyment, enumerating 10 levels of coroutine complexity that yield weighty new returns for users of this powerful tool.

Designer/engineer Jonathan Rubinger wrote his first BASIC text adventure at age 8 and hasn't stopped making games since. Currently building meta-game features at Mightier, JR's 11 years in the Boston game industry have comprised a variety of audio, engineering and design roles at Harmonix, Irrational, GSN and his own Half Glass Games. His mobile indie "Chased By The Sun" is available for free on Google Play.


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Thanks to our sponsors! Unity and The CIC Cambridge are generously sponsoring our meetup this month.

See you there!
Chris, Graham & Elliott