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We use many advanced services available outside: Marketing Automation, CRM Tools, Project Management Tools, Tracking and Analytics and other technological advancements as possible that would add performance, speed and value to our work.

This provides our clients with a significant advantage over their competitors, allowing them to generate more awareness, leads and sales at a much lower cost.

Many businesses regardless of industry have difficulties in communicating with their audience. It can be very difficult to define the target markets, the specific segments, design an appealing message and the corresponding media mix that would reach the desired audience.


Once a month we will meet in IV-LEAD office (next to Shuk HaCarmel) to learn how to use these two powerful tools (LinkedIn and HubSpot) - to manage your entire business marketing and sales activities.

This session is really for making HubSpot CRM A useful tool for you in order to grow your business and reduce your work hours.

Work Smarter. Not Harder.

The IV-LEAD team.

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Linkedin for Businesses  - Where to begin

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