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450 Poplar Avenue · Millbrae, CA

What we're about

The Bay Area Association for Psychological Type (BAAPT) was formed in 1984 to promote the understanding, constructive use, and valuing of human diversity through the study and application of Carl Jung’s theory of Psychological Type. Our interests include the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), David Keirsey's work on Temperament, and a variety of typology applications.

BAAPT is a volunteer-based non-profit organization, and is a chapter of APTi (, the Association for Psychological Type International. We welcome all people who are interested in using psychological type personally or professionally. We invite you to join our monthly program meetings held September through May, where local, national, and international professionals offer presentations to our group of delightful and articulate psychological type enthusiasts!

Find us at , where you will see our complete calendar of events, detailed descriptions of our programs, workshops and webinars, and links to our other social media profiles.

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Keep in mind that Meetup members are not BAAPT members unless you've paid the annual dues. You may ask, why, then, would I want to join BAAPT?

For one thing, BAAPT Members enjoy discounts on meeting attendance! (Meetup group members may attend one BAAPT program free of charge as the guest of our Meetup group hosts! Just remember to find one of us at the meeting to say "Hi! I'm here through Meetup!".)

Other Reasons Why You Should Join BAAPT

Expand your knowledge of personality theory and applications

Apply what you learn immediately in dynamic, interactive workshops

Help yourself and others grow, while appreciating all types

Connect with leading trainers, authors and practitioners

Enjoy our supportive community of Type and Temperament enthusiasts

Access cutting-edge topics, presented by stellar speakers, with practical applications to your work, family and personal relationships

Member Benefits

Membership Directory – a great resource for networking!

Morning Programs: FREE

Bring a first Time Guests to a morning programs: FREE

Webinars: FREE

Afternoon Workshop $20

Access to our extensive lending library of books on Type

Membership Pricing • 2015-16

Annual Membership Dues

Individual: $125

Retired: $100

CCC-APT Member: $99

Student: $35

Non-Member Pricing

First-time Attendees: FREE

Morning Program: $35

Afternoon Workshop: $30

Special Event Fundraiser

Members: $35

Non-Members: $60


Contact Judy Levy, Membership Director, at or read more at (

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