What we're about

Get married before...
Have kids by...
Get your carrier in order
Dress appropriately
Don’t speak too loud
Look this way
Behave that way
Don’t be too emotional

😤😤😤WTF!! What about what we want??

This group is for women who are tired of playing by society’s unwritten yet repressive rules. It is for women who are ready to break free and be themselves. It is for those of us
who are ready to step into their awesomeness and fully shine.

I am calling all females leaders, light-workers, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home mothers, caregivers, artists, athletes to join this group with your ideas, visions and dreams so we can get things moving the feminine way: lovingly, lightheartedly, intiutively, sensually and boldly.

Events will include workshops, mastermind sessions and parties.

If this speaks to you, come and join like-minded women and let’s shake things up a little ( or a lot😜)

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Session 2: Know What You Want



Cafe con Letras


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