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Hey Mama!!
Welcome to the BADass MOMS Revolution Meetup Group. I'm so excited to have you here!!

I started this group because I wanted to a create a safe place for Moms like us who are tired of feeling like BAD MOMS and want to feel more like BADass MOMS.

We are the Moms who don’t totally fit in with the PTA Pinterest Mom crew, although there are times we’re kinda impressed with some of the shit they do and we’ve been known to throw together a thing or two when we’re feeling particularly crafty #nailedit

We are the Moms who are done feeling not good enough and want a to surround ourselves with a supportive and uplifting community of other Moms who are all navigating this challenging, exhausting, and totally rewarding journey of Motherhood together while not losing ourselves in the process.

We are the Moms who are tired of all the rules and pressure to fit in and conform and are ready to break free from giving so many fucks about it all. Gotta save those fucks for more important shit.

We are the Moms who are ready to discover, unleash and amplify the BADass MOM inside of each of us so we can all rise up and live amazing lives together.

The BADass MOMS Revolution is the group for you if you:

~Identify with any of the "BAD MOMS" in the BAD MOMS movie
~You don't really fit in with the PTA Pinterest Mom crowd
~You either already don't give any fucks or want to learn to give less fucks about what everyone thinks about how you're living your life
~You want to learn to embody more of your awesome BADass MOM side
~You want to connect with other Moms who are like you and on the same journey

While I hate rules and strongly believe they are made to be broken, I also recognize that rules sometimes keep us safe and help to establish healthy boundaries so everyone is happy. With that being said, I only have 3 main rules for this Group:

1) Don't be a judgy bitch. Nobody has time for that shit and nobody likes it. You might get a warning depending on the situation, but you also might just get blocked from the group. My goal is to keep this space as safe as possible for everyone that's here. We are here to uplift and support each other and while we may need to call each other out on our shit from time to time, we are committed to doing it with grace, compassion, and understanding.

2) You need to be committed to a journey of personal growth and development and be actively working on becoming more conscious of your programming, conditioning, and biases. If you are called out for something inappropriate, listen to the feedback, sit down and take it in.

I want this community to feel like home for everyone here. Let's all come together in love, community, support, and sisterhood.

Can't wait to connect with you all in person or online!!

XOXO Brooke

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