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BAM - What's up with Bitcoin and Scaling Your Applications and Skill Set

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Round table: Discussion on Scaling Your Applications and Skill Set. - presented by Blake Niemyjski, Exceptionless

Blake will lead a discussion regarding the struggles around starting and using open source projects to build software solutions for customers. Going from having no customers, to doing 3+ billion requests per month in Azure was a sometimes painful experience, especially on a limited budget. Blake will discuss what he has learned, as well as talk about data acquisition and maintenance, and talk about problems working with large data sets.

What's up with bitcoin? - presented by Josh Bressers, Elastic

Everyone knows what bitcoin is, but do you REALLY know what it is? Bitcoin is actually a massive repository of data. We can use that data to understand how bitcoin works, why it seems to be in the middle of some turmoil right now, and even look at some of the secrets in the blockchain. We are going to look at bitcoin data in realtime using Elasticsearch and Kibana. Everything from how bitcoin works, how the price has affected things, and any other questions you can possibly think of.

Blake Niemyjski is a full time open source software architect, Microsoft MVP and private pilot. Since the late 90’s, Blake's curiosity has been focused around developing software that helps the masses. As a hobbyist developer turned student and professional, Blake's passion is to further his knowledge and create technologies for the future.

Josh Bressers is the head of Product Security at Elastic. Josh has been involved in the security of products and projects, especially open source, for a very long time. Josh has helped build and manage security groups for many open source projects as well as a number of organizations. Everything from managing vulnerabilities, security development lifecycle, DevSecOps, security product management, security strategy, and nearly any other task that falls under the security umbrella.

Josh co-hosts the Open Source Security Podcast. Josh is also an active member of the Distributed Weaknesses and Filing project which is in the process of leveraging the power of open source for CVEs
Titletown Tap Room
320 N. Broadway · Green Bay, WI
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