• BAN Networking Session

    Café Dix

    Dear BAN-Members, are you looking for a new job? or aiming to expand your network by meeting other architects? Our upcoming Meetup it's going to be all about socializing and getting to know each other. If you're looking forward to meet members from different offices, explore what they’re doing at the moment and exchange ideas, this is the chance! Come along and take this opportunity to enjoy yourself while expanding your architectural network.

  • BAN Walks


    In our first ever BAN Walks event, we'll go to Hansaviertel. It is a social housing experiment from the 60s located in on the edge of Tiergarten in former West Berlin. Our improvised guide Daniel will guide us among buildings from Alvar Aalto, Oscar Niemeyer, Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, and many other master architects. And bring your cameras! This will also be a Photo Walk, and any photo sent to us will be published on the group page. It's time to get your Bresson out to explore great modernist architecture!

  • Fast Architecture

    The Castle Berlin Mitte

    Dear BAN-Members, Have you ever asked yourself: Why do architects work so many extra hours? One could say that with the introduction of internet, communication has never been so fast and easy. In today’s society, where growth and profit are above quality the ultimative goal, the schedule planning of projects has been according to this evolution drastically reduced. Fast food, fast fashion, fast architecture? Is it possible for us to adapt to the speed of our society without compromising the quality of your projects? It is a fact, that as architects we have to deal on daily basis with the pressure of fast driven architecture. The question is... how should we deal with it? 1. Should we continue to make extra hours in order to compensate the lack of time? How many nights have you spent at the office because of a project deadline? 2. Should we start a “slow architecture” movement - pay more for better planned architecture? Are clients willing to pay more for better architectural design? Why is it worth it? 3. Should we rethink the business models of architecture offices in order to be faster? Is there anything in our working routines, that in your opinion, could be improved? Does the introduction of BIM really make us work more efficiently? Or is it the way we communicate with each other, working methods and design processes that should be rethought in order to keep up with the world’s new pace? Join us on our next Meetup to share your own experience or ideas about this exciting and often overlooked subject! :-) Looking forward! Maria BAN - Organization Team

  • Architectural Vision Board

    The Castle Berlin Mitte

    Dear BAN-Members, On our next Meetup Session, you’re all invited to build an architectural vision board. Vision boards are tools that allow people to visualize their dreams and set their goals for the future. What do we, as architects, want to achieve in the next 100 years? In order to formulate an idealised vision of the architectural future, we first need to identify our wishes and desires. On our vision board, these will be arranged according to the following 5 sectors: Construction, Technology, Marketing, Workplace and Design. 1. Construction How do we want buildings be built in the future? 3D Printing, new Materials, Construction Site Live Scanning 2. Technology Can we use technology to our profit? BIM, Programming, Generative Design 3. Marketing How should architecture be merchandised and presented? As Art, as a Brand? AR VR Playrooms 4. Workplace What should be the ideal office strategy? Business models, mobile workplace, fair salaries 5. Design How will buildings aesthetically look like in 100 years? responsive components, algorithmic architecture The next step will consist of collecting visualisation mediums such as photographs, sentences, quotes or drawings that mirror our architectural ambitions. The sources are up to us, it could be Pinterest, Websites, Magazines, Books, Music, Objects... You can participate by uploading your visualisation medium - named after “sector_name.jpg” - directly to our meetup web page under photo album "Vision Board". Short before the meetup date, we’ll put all the images together according to each sector and post a preview of the board. An architectural vision board acts as powerful motivator to enact on achieving our goals and to be more conscious about the direction that we want to pursue as architects on a long term future. This will be the starting point of our architectural debate. Join us on upcoming Meetup Session to share your own experience or ideas about the future of the architecture world! :-) Looking forward! Maria BAN - Organization Team

  • #archislavery

    The Castle Berlin Mitte

    We all know that our profession can be quite hard sometimes. From grueling all-nighter at school, through cancelled weekends during our unpaid internships, to postpone vacations in our 60-hour senior level position; it is hard to find an architect who was never a victim of “archislavery”. The term came, is currently in the spotlight, recently in the architecture media, with some architects claiming it “a good tradition”, while others were asking for a ban of the practice. What about you? Have you ever worked for free? Did you ever feel victim of archislavery? But, most important, was it worth it? Do you think it is a justified practice? Let’s meet up and talk about it in our next BAN Meeting! Daniel BAN - Organization Team

  • BAN Talks

    WeWork Atrium Tower

    Dear BAN Members, do you have a project, a blog or even a life experience about architecture that you would like to share? Along our path as architects, we create visions, change landscapes, mirror the spirit of times... One could say that behind every building or the smallest detail there’s a story to tell. Perhaps you’ve been abroad, want to write a book or talk about your latest revit script? On our upcoming Meetup series „BAN Talks“ the time has come to stand up and share your own story! Let us show the world that architecture is not dead. On the contrary, it’s well alive and ready to speak out! ;-) In order to have an overview of the content of our next Meetup session, i ask those who feel compelled, to post a comment with the theme of their stories. Weather if you‘re a good listener or a charismatic storyteller, you‘re all invited to come! Looking forward!

  • „Architecture is dead?“ Networking Session

    Westberlin Coffee Bar & Media Shop

    Dear BAN-Members, have you ever thought of sharing your project or an idea about architecture through a Meetup session? As architects one could say that things are changing around us. There‘s a lot going on from drawing to bim modelling, big data, scripting, 3D printing, virtual reality, social platforms... Architects should get together again and develop new business models. Based on this current evolution, we should be thinking about methods on how to optimize our tasks. Yet, how exactly? On our upcoming Meetup, you are all invited to network again. Meet other architects and through an open debate discuss on how we imagine the future of our profession. Please feel free as well to take advantage of this Platform by making it more meaningful and useful for our group. For instance: you want to make a Meetup about a specific subject, make a job advertisement, inform others of upcoming architecture events, in order to do this the only thing you have to do is to POST! ;-) Looking forward to meetup again!

  • Animalesque!


    Dear BAN-Members, it is a well known fact that due to agriculture activity, industrial logging, as well as building human settlement, land has, throughout history of mankind, been successively and permanently converted for human use. One result of intensive human exploration of land and natural resources, is the following habitat destruction and its brutal impact on our planet's biodiversity. This is not only a main driver of species extinction but a threat to ecosystems, upon which we as human beings are ultimately dependable. An increasing awareness around this topic has led to a new architectural challenge. Can we as architects contribute to a better balance between animal life and people in urban contexts? "The Animalesque Visiting School is aiming to understand and experience the Animal Kingdom in the urban and cultural space of Berlin. In order to understand how people and animals co-habit, we will investigate the collective behaviours of a wide range of animals from insects, birds and mammals, their patterns of displacement and territorial domains in the city." - http://animalesque.aaschool.ac.uk/ On our upcoming Meetup we will have the opportunity to discuss this exciting subject at Cafe Aedes and see onsite the results of a design experiment throughout the work of students regarding the behavior of bees. If you want to get to know more about this new architectural trend, come along!

  • Gallery Weekend Berlin

    Johann König, St. Agnes

    Dear BAN-Members, Gallery Weekend Berlin is taking off this Friday. For those of you who‘d like to get to know better berlin’s contemporary art scene, here‘s a great opportunity. Let‘s get together at the König Galerie and make a small tour, visit all the nearby galleries. Looking forward to meetup again!

  • Networking Evening

    Fahimi Bar

    Dear BAN-Members, as some of you may already know our next Meetup will be all about... Networking! On the last Brainstorming Session our group consisted of a cartographer, a painter, a graphic designer, a journalist and a couple of architects. A very rich dialog with different perspectives took place here. So, if you're looking forward to meet other members, get to know what they’re doing at the moment and exchange ideas on diverse creative fields, this is the chance! We will get together on Friday 16.03 in Fahimi Bar, Skalitzer Str. 133 at 19h30. Come along and take this opportunity to enjoy yourself while expanding your network!