What we're about

Bay Are Queer 20 and 30 Somethings (BAQS) exists to foster lasting queer friendships and community in the (mostly) East Bay Area. Most events will be substance free and take place in quiet-ish environments in an effort to provide an alternative to bar and club-centric queer events.


Meetup currently charges organizers $200/year to maintain these event pages. If you can, please donate a few dollars to the event host when you attend to help cover these fees. Those with access to a steady, living income or other wealth are encouraged to donate more. Please do not be deterred from attending if financial hardship prevents you from donating.


This group is intended to be explicitly welcoming of everyone under the queer umbrella, which includes (but is not limited to) queer people of color, trans and non-binary folks, bi and pansexual queers, sick and disabled queers, asexual queers, both monogamous and non-monogomous queers, kinky and vanilla queers, as well as members who are questioning about their gender and sexuality. There are a number of LGBT groups on meetup that are more narrow in their identity focus (and those groups are great!...this group is just different). This group is intentionally inclusive of the wide spectrum of queer identities and their intersections. We need each other.

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Another Casual Queer Picnic

Mosswood Park

Big Gay Trivia

The Port Bar

Inner Waters: Hardwired Emotions (Online)

Online event

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