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What we’re about

Please read this section for information about the group and an important requirement about your profile picture.
We have drum circles that are not on a fixed schedule. We use various locations in the SF Bay Area, mostly in the South Bay and Peninsula. will let you know via email when new events are planned and announced. We do everything in person, so if you don't live in the SF Bay Area, your request to join may be denied. Our circles are mostly free form with possibly some light facilitation and opportunities to learn new rhythms. We don't do meditation or other rituals. We are all about having fun.

All experience levels welcome. If you are a beginner, you will learn by listening, watching, and asking questions. Most of the drumming that we do, does not require training. We usually have extra percussion instruments to use if you don’t have your own. Some locations may be difficult or impossible for mobility impaired people.

Creating your account and joining this group is free. You will only be asked to occasionally contribute a dollar to help with the fee assessed to the organizer.

We have a youtube page so you can have a look at what we do....

NOTICE: All new members will be REQUIRED to supply a picture that shows their face, centered and without a mask or sunglasses, in their user profile. A low resolution blurry picture or a full body picture where your face is tiny is not acceptable. Also unacceptable is a picture where your face is off-center and cropped when it shows up in the list of members. This is so we can learn names of our fellow members and so I can more easily manage who attends events. (When you join a group, the picture that is used for the group is the same one that is in your top level profile. After joining, the picture in other groups and in your top level profile can be different. Unfortunately, you have to use the website, not the app, to change a profile picture for a group. Here is a link to instructions - )
ALSO, your profile needs to include your name.

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