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How to Find the Right Sponsorships for Your Travel Blog

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Do you want to take your travel blog to the next level and gain sponsored trips, stays, and secure corporate partnerships? Join BCATW member Jami Savage for this valuable meetup where she'll discuss:

  • What corporate sponsors are looking for when partnering with Travel Writers.
  • Who and how to reach potential partners.
  • How to position your blogs with potential partners.
  • 5 absolute "social media musts" for Travel Writers. (Focusing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • How to create engaging content that sponsors want.

About Jami

Jami Savage - Jami is a Family Travel Writer based out of Vancouver, BC. Her blog, , focuses on outdoor family travel and eco tourism in Western Canada as well as destinations that BC families like to visit (Such as Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Eastern Canada).

She started her blog 3 years ago and has partnered with over 50 big companies including Parks Canada, WestJet, Canadian Tire, and more.

To learn more about Jami follow her on social at @FamTravelWriter

About the BCATW

The BC Association of Travel Writers promotes, encourages and supports B.C.-based travel journalists, bloggers and videographers. We do this by:

– presenting a platform for our members to network in the common cause of promoting the profession.

– maintaining a policy of ethics, honesty and excellence of work in dealing with the media and the industry.

– upholding the principle of producing proper material for clients in return for complimentary courtesies and press trips offered by the industry.

– disseminating information and potential markets with the membership.

– providing educational and experiential opportunities to help members improve the professional skills and contacts needed to succeed in the ever-changing marketplace

One perk of BCATW membership is attending BCTW Meetups free!

Become a member of BCATW! (

About Big Rock Urban Brewery

BC Travel Writer Meetups are held in the bright, shiny conference room of Big Rock Urban Brewery (,+Vancouver,+BC) at 4th Avenue and Alberta Street in Vancouver where there's a full bar and kitchen service to sate your dinnertime needs. Stay afterward for more drinks and musical entertainment!

Please RSVP now for this Meetup, but as usual, please respect the RSVP process by canceling promptly if you are unable to attend.

310 West 4th Ave · Vancouver, BC
20 spots left