Putting People in Your Stories and Creating Vivid Settings

Red Truck Brewery

295 East 1st Avenue · Vancouver

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Even if you’re a solo traveler there are still people involved in your day-to-day adventures. These people you meet along the way and the bits of conversation and stories they tell you add a special dimension to your travel tales. People are important, not just your travel companions, but most of all, the people who you meet in the exotic places you visit.

It’s also important in travel writing to convey a sense of place. You do this by describing the scenes using all FIVE SENSES: Sight, sound, texture, taste, and smell.

Ruth Kozak will show you how to incorporate people and settings into your travel writing.

About Ruth

Ruth Kozak has been a travel journalist since 1983 and has also published a travel book on Kindle, ATHENS AND BEYOND. Most of Ruth's travels are in Greece but she's also visited places in North and South America, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Malaysia. She is the editor/publisher of an on-line travel magazine www.travelthruhistory.com and has published two historical novels. She is also a past President of the BCATW.

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About Red Truck Brewery

Upstairs, beyond the hustle and bustle of the Red Truck tasting room, and overlooking the guts of the brewery, is a quiet and contained boardroom where we have self-served beer as well as food service.

Red Truck brewery is an easy 5 minute walk from the Science World Skytrain station, and also has ample parking.

About RSVPs

As this is a smaller venue, we ask that all RSVPs be firm. Meetup members with a history of no-shows will be placed on the Wait list to allow engaged members to attend.