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Astro-Landscapes: Milky Way, Star trails, Star points
We will be photographing the Milky Way. This is an advanced skill photo shoot, it is somewhat involved both physically and technically to do this well. Summer is the best time to take photos of the Milky Way, as we see the core of our own galaxy rising off the southern horizon. There is a number of ways one can shoot this, either as a panorama as shown above, stitched from multiple shots, including longer exposures for the foreground, or as individual portions of the MW with some interesting foreground as short exposures. Salt Pond has a variety of foregrounds, a pond, the ocean, grass meadows, marshes, stand-alone trees, a few dark barns etc. For inspiration, take a look at an earlier field trip we did: Sunset is at 8 p.m., we will have some time in twilight to discuss the shoot orient ourselves and get into place, the MW will be visible for shooting starting around 9. This is a new moon night, it will be dark all night. To prepare your equipment for the night shoot, please follow these instructions: Please do yourself, others and the organizer a favor and truly prepare your camera with those instructions, so we don't have to figure out in the dark where that auto-ISO is turned off... :) Equipment needed: * A camera capable of manual settings (aperture, ISO, exposure time, white balance) * A "fast" lens with wide aperture, at least f/2.8, preferably lower (2.0, 1.8, 1.4, 1.2), the wider the better, the upper limit should be 35mm full frame focal length (which would force you to stitch multiple shots). 12-20 mm full frame works well (8-14 mm cropped sensor). If you need suggestions for wide angle lenses, take a look here: * A remote control or intervalometer is recommended to avoid camera motion * A sturdy tripod to mount it all * Hiking boots, the terrain will be uneven * Dress in layers, it can get chilly or be very hot. Long sleeves and pants are recommended against bugs and prickly undergrowth. * Fluids, snacks (long night!), head cover, bug spray. * Bring a flashlight for light painting and to find lost items * Please bring a VERY DIM, RED light to see your camera and gear bag. >>Please avoid shining bright lights around unless absolutely necessary! We will be in a very dark location and you will blind yourself and others, ruin other people's shots with that. Headlamps are a very bad solution, even in the red setting, because it is not a matter of if, but when you shine that into somebody's face. << If you need suggestions for dim, red lights, look here: We will talk about technical aspects, camera settings and some post-processing steps when we meet, then proceed to go shooting. If you post images, I will give you feedback on processing and what can be improved. As always, no guests, no smoking onsite.

Salt Pond Visitor Center

50 Nauset Rd · Eastham, MA


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