NoEstimates - an unconventional approach for the "deliver on time" problem!


Do you have problems hitting your deadlines in the projects you work with? Are you constantly surprised by late changes that mess with the schedule and delay the project? Does your company care about hitting deadlines, and reaching the market on time? This presentation shares the story of how a Project Manager was frustrated by late, and unpredictable releases, and how to avoid those problems with #NoEstimates. You will also learn concrete tools you can use the day after this talk and reduce delays and solve the "always late" problem the software projects usually suffer from. How can you always be on time? Come and hear about it!

In the presentation we talk about: * The problems that come from estimation* Why project management practices fail at delivering on time* How to get rid of estimates, but still deliver on time

* More than 20 years worth of tips and tricks* How to change your planning process to hit deadlines reliably* How a recovering Certified Project Manager successfully adopted Agile

About the speaker

Vasco wants to transform product development organizations into product business organizations. He does that by focusing the work of the product development teams on the end-to-end life-cycle of their products. From Concept to Cash and Back!

Currently a Managing Partner at Oikosofy (

Product Manager, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Director, Agile Coach are only some of the roles that I've taken in software development organizations. Having worked in the software industry since 1997, and Agile practitioner since 2004. I've worked in small, medium and large software organizations as an Agile Coach or leader in agile adoption at those organizations.

I was one of the leaders and catalysts of Agile methods and Agile culture adoption at Avira, Nokia and F-Secure.

You can read more from me at my blog:
Twitter: @duarte_vasco (

7:00 pm doors open // 7:30 pm event starts.

Join us for beer and snacks at the BCG Digital Ventures Office at Dircksenstr. 41, 10178 Berlin Mitte – registration required via our meetup channel.