#6 // Beyond the Hype


An insight to a select few of well-known projects that have used what some would call "growth hacking" to leverage traction in the market, some of which ended poorly in the favor of investors and some still remain as a top contributor to the entire crypto-currency market capitalization. To follow up is an interactive panel discussion orientated towards the debate of viable business ethics in an industry dominated by open source software.


18:30 - Walk in
19:00 - Presentation
19:20 - Q&A
19:30 - Break
19:45 - Panel discussion
20:30 - Drinks
21:00 - End


- Samuel JJ Gosling - Founder at Validity | EIR at Startupbootcamp | Developer at PopMint.
"I am a young Irish entrepreneur, who has only recently become a developer over the span of a year, I believe in creating value and not profit. In my spare time, I'm the Founder at a community-driven project called Validity and an Amsterdam workshop specialising Solidity and React.js known as Solact."


- Aris Giachnis - Technical Founder at BonusX.
"Full stack software developer for startups and corps
(Early) Blockchain enthusiast, Solidity
Maker of veropost.com and shard.me and working currently on a startup project that is not ready for announcement yet"