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The FinTech revolution has been around for over 10 years, disrupting and changing the financial industry for good. Several years ago Blockchain Technology entered the FinTech arena, again creating opportunities for new products & services, changing the way people use financial services and changing the industry itself as well.

During this event we will hear from three experienced blockchain in fintech innovators who will share from experience and based on facts how Blockchain is changing the financial industry. Are they disrupting FinTech, enabling a new generation of FinTech or perhaps strengthening the financial industry as it is?

Using the massive amount of data collected at Blockdata, founder and CEO Jonathan Knegtel will share his views on where Blockchain technology is actually making a difference today. How various financial markets are changing and who is really driving that change. Sharing his story and experience with Request Network, Christophe Fonteneau will bring a real live showcase of how Blockchain technology can combine the paper process that we call invoicing with actual transfer of value (money) and how that is impacting their customers. Finally, we have award winning company Riddle & Code share the latest about their new FinTech product. Sebastian Becker will take us through the development, implementation and impact of their custody solution for digital assets.

As always we will end this event with an AMA session with all speakers to make sure we get answers to all your burning questions.

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