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* This group is currently inactive *, please join Spark-Barcelona (https://www.meetup.com/Spark-Barcelona/) for similar content

Welcome to BDOOP, the Big Data Operations On Performance meetup group in Barcelona.

Join to meet with fellow sysadmins, data-scientists, researchers, and other curious people to discuss topics and techniques of running smoothly a big data cluster (with Hadoop or similar), and keep it at top performance.

This group is not a "learn Big Data" group. It will be right for you if you want to design, setup, configure, speedup, and share experiences of your big data clusters.

Past events (15)

Running complex data queries in a distributed system
The state of Spark and Hive in the cloud

Trovit Search

HS Munich: Tensorflow and Hadoop, Accelarting HBase, Hive vs. Spark

The ICM – International Congress Center Munich

The state of SQL-on-Hadoop in the Cloud by Nicolas Poggi

Trovit Search

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