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Struggling with secret pain? So tired of being unhappy? Had a hurtful past? Turned to drugs, alcohol other addictive things to medicate and escape but still empty & angry? You want to believe there is more. But what? Has your past and your life influences closed out the thought of a Loving God as the answer? We are all broken inside. But there are answers. Nothing has happened to you by mistake. God has a future and a hope for "YOU". There's NO judgment here. Only acceptance and love. YOUR LIFE COUNTS.... YOU MATTER. But, you're stuck and need out. I'm a Christian man & know that God still loves me regardless of my horrible past. If you believe in God or not, it does not matter. You will hear and relate to the pain and sadness of others here. You're not alone. You will hear about a God of love and that He knows and wants "you" and wants to bless you and free you. The daily cycle that brings you to the same unhappy spot must stop if you want to know joy and be free. .....if any of this describes you, this group is for you. No obligation to speak or share. We are not affiliated with any church. We are completely independent and sharing our sadness, struggles and an absolute hope and path to a life with purpose and meaning. Hope you come.

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