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BENT is a queer-centric, Non-HeteroNormative, Non-Binary, Anywhere-on-the-Kinsey-Scale and Anywhere in the Gender spectrum community. Our goal is to bring events where non-binary and LGBT folk feel at home, and where "straightish" people can explore coloring outside the lines. ( * We welcome straight peeps too!)

We ask that you be especially mindful of gender identity. Trans-folk will be treated exactly the same as cis-folk. Genderfluid folk will introduce themselves as such, and addressed in the gender they feel from there on out.

BENT was originally created by ILUSM. ILUSM Productions was a Los Angeles based production company catering to the more unconventional lifestyles of the eccentrics, eclectics and label-free advocates. Their events sought to promote a sense of unity and love through diverse forms of creative self-expression.

BENT was a quarterly gender bending party hosted by ILUSM Productions. It was a night of drag, burlesque and genderfucking and aimed to provide the LGBTQA community with a unique blend of queer and gender nonconforming self-expression and entertainment.

In 2017 and beyond, we (the new organizers) we seek to carry on in the same spirit. All our Meetup events will provide members with an opportunity to connect with open-minded people interested in helping to build and sustain a larger community of people from diverse backgrounds. We strive to provide a fun, relaxing and unique experience to all who attend our events.

Cassie Brighter [BENT Mistress and Mother Hen]

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