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召集所有愛玩桌遊的面孔,如果你。。又想玩BOARD GAME,又想識個FRIEND 就快D 留低WHATSAPP 比我地啦~


記住!~ 無BG FREAK GROUP 入邊,「玩桌遊,交朋友;玩BOARD GAME 識個FRIEND!」

Calling all board game lovers! If you want to try out more games meanwhile meeting new friends, then this is the right group for ya~

BGFreak is a bilingual gaming group, sessions are conducted in 廣東話 Cantonese / English / 普通话 Mandarin. Game rules will always be explained on the spot in the above languages if needed. We usually host light/easy board games unless stated.

So let's enjoy the fun time!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bgfreak/

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