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**Currently closed to new members. Please don't request to join--at best it tells me that you couldn't be bothered to read the group's description.***

Interested in board games? Me, too. Let's all be friends. No previous gaming experience required as long as you're open to learning. Welcome, welcome! :D

Events are primarily based in Raleigh, but you may see the occasional Cary or Durham event. Member photo required (of, like, y’know, your face).

HARASSMENT POLICY: It's not tolerated. Harassment is a quick route to being banned.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: I was very, very close to naming this group "The No Flake Zone," but I was afraid I'd attract very confused people shouting in ALL CAPS about "cucks." Seriously though, if you have ever organized a board game night, you can probably understand the frustration of having last minute cancellations ruin the player count necessary to play a specific game. Last minute changes to RSVPs will be considered "No Shows" because they aren't fair to other members. Repeated No Shows will result in removal from the group at the discretion of my cold, cold heart.

PS. My second choice for a group name was "Definitely Not A Cult," but I wasn't sure whether or not Meetup Terms & Services allows for a sense of humor. This group and its description is definitely a work in progress. I have experience hosting game nights and as a co-organizer, but I've never been this drunk on pure unadulterated Meetup organizer power before. Feedback and assistance welcome.

IF YOU OWN A PUBLIC SPACE/VENUE THAT WOULD LIKE TO HOST US: This group's purpose it to provide a sense of community, not to profit financially. We are happy to invest in local businesses also looking to foster community and we encourage our members to be courteous of the venues reserving space for us, but we cannot guarantee a certain amount of business. Please don’t hesitate to message me if you think your business would be a good fit for one of our events.


Attendee limits: Events have limits on attendee numbers for various reasons. The most common reasons will be to accommodate the venue space available to us or to accommodate a specific player count for a game. If you join the waitlist early on, it could inform me that the demand was higher than expected and perhaps (in some, but not all cases) I can rearrange things to accommodate more people.

"Meet & Game": These events are, in my opinion, very welcoming to new gamers, meaning that the games selected are not overly complicated nor too long. A lot of our larger events are going to be Meet & Game, and while they will feature one specific game, there's often time for a lot of other light filler and gateway games afterwards. I would suggest attending a Meet & Game event first if you have the opportunity.

"Strategy Game": These events are very focused on a specific game with a specific player count. The game may be a bit more complicated than "gateway" or "filler" games, but don't be intimidated! I will definitely teach you the game, as long as you're interested. It helps if you watch a YouTube review or play-through beforehand just to make sure it's a game in which you are, in fact, interested.

"Mingle": These events are not members-only events; therefore, mingle refers to there being both men and women present. Sometimes when it's between having an event with men or having no event at all, I figure members might prefer to have an event. These are in no way dating/singles events, and I've pretty much threatened all my male friends with castration if they make any guests uncomfortable. I try to be transparent about the guest list as much as possible to prevent any awkwardness of someone running into an ex or similar. Please send me a message if you would like to attend a mingle event and bring a +1. It is usually okay with approval. These events also tend to be at my home so I like to know who is showing up is all (and to avoid running into one of my exes, haha, but seriously).

If you are interested in inviting members to meet outside of official events, read the policy on informal gatherings here: https://www.meetup.com/BGGals/messages/boards/thread/51870043/0/#131585099

All inactive accounts are removed from our group at 6 months of inactivity. That means signing in a minimum of once every six months to remain a part of the group. We just aren't interested in collecting a high member count of people we never see. We're interested in building a community so that requires active members!

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