Brooklyn Tech Meetup with Viggle



What's happenin' ya'll?!?! We have a kickass event for everyone this month - full of mystery, intrigue, and some sexy technological innovations! Come by, grab some booze, and feast on the glory that is BK Tech.


Viggle (

Viggle offers an innovative Rewards platform for entertainment enthusiasts. Viggling starts when you simply check into your favorite shows or match any songs. Not sure what to watch? Use the What’s On section to discover new shows and find the best bonus point opportunities. In addition, the more you use Viggle, the more you increase your Fandom Level which grants you access to bonus points and exclusive rewards.

Smartgift (

Smartgift sets a new standard for retail gifting. Our technology completely changes the way retailers allow their customers to purchase gifts at their online stores. The Smartgift checkout process increases gifting revenue and decreases costs by solving the inefficiencies associated with online gifting including incomplete recipient information, abandoned shopping carts and returned gifts.

Pagevamp (

Pagevamp is the easiest and fastest way to publish a website. Pagevamp allows users to create and update their website from their Facebook Page in one click. Rather than forcing users to learn a whole new site creation and management interface, Pagevamp lets its users update their website from a platform they already know: Facebook. Now anyone can create a good looking and up-to-date website using Pagevamp.

Thank you to our partners: Digital Dumbo (, Brooklyn Law Incubator & Policy Clinic (, and Nature's Grill (

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