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What we’re about

CALLING ALL WOMEN in Palm Beach County ...
Let’s have a BLAST!

BLAST (Bi, Lesbian and Straight Together) Women of the Palm Beaches is a networking group for women, ladies, lesbians, bisexual gals, girlie-girls, butches, femmes, lesbian-feminist womyn, questioning, aces/aros, drag kings, non-binary theys, and gay-friendly straight feminists. Single, coupled, or poly, this group welcomes you. Our mission is to build the local women's community, share resources, and make it easy for members to set up events by, for, and about women in Palm Beach County. Note: Mostly Gen X and Baby Boomers, but we have members ranging from college age to Greatest Generation. All ages welcomed with open arms.

ANTI-RACISM & #SAYHERNAME ... Workshops, discussions, speakers, trainings, films, and events
AQUABABES ... Snorkeling, kayaking, beach parties, paddleboarding, Peanut Island, etc.
BABES IN THE GLADES ... Twice-a-year women’s weekends at Vitambi
BIKE RIDES ... Enjoy the beautiful Palm Beach County scenery on your bicycle with other women
BLAST BABES GOT GAME ... Board games, Mexican Train, Hearts, craps, roulette, Left Right Center, Euchre, and more
BLAST BOOKWORMS ... Read books by women, discuss, exchange ideas.
BLAST GIVES BACK ... Community service volunteering
CIGAR LOUNGE LIZARDS ... Beginners/curious nonsmokers welcome
CONCERTS & THEATER PRODUCTIONS ... Lesbian & feminist entertainment live (house concerts and bigger venues) and online
DOG PARK GATHERINGS ... Bring your dog(s) to local dog parksaround Palm Beach County
DRUMMING ... Occasional lessons and women-only drum circles
HAPPY HOURS ... Gatherings to kick back, explore new places, and enjoy each other's company
HOWL (Hanging Out With Lesbians) ... Laid-back socializing
LEAPING LESBIANS ... Tandem skydiving - beginners welcome 
MOVIE NIGHTS ... Film screenings followed by discussions 
MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONS ... Jorjet Harper Presents (series); Art History With Harriet (series); and more
NATURE WALKS & PHOTOGRAPHY ... Wetlands around Palm Beach County
PAGAN CIRCLE ... Come out of the broom closet. For pagans, Wiccans, and all Earth-based spiritualities
PICKLEBALL & BOCCE ... Beginners welcome!
POLITICAL NETWORKING ... with NOW, League of Women Voters, etc.
QUEENS RULE POKER CLUB ... Low-stakes games and free lessons - beginners welcome
SCIENCE GALS ... Share excitement and info about STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, medicine) 
WOMEN OF ALL CULTURES TOGETHER (WACT) ... (1) Potlucks in various neighborhoods; women and food, how far wrong can we go? ... (2) Discussions regarding race, culture, religion, civil disobedience, etc.
ZOOM COCKTAIL PARTIES ... Women from all over the country invited


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