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I created this virtual group to serve as a safe and inviting space for white allies--all allies, to ask questions and gain direct insight as we all seek racial justice for Black people in America. Many of my Black friends and peers are tired of being the ones to bear the responsibility of educating others about Black struggles and the racism that’s ingrained within the systems of America. And I get it. They have every right to be tired and frustrated for doing that for so long, seeing no real progress and, oftentimes, being judged/not believed. But I believe that in order for not only change to take place but for allies to really understand the depth, plight and pain of the Black experience, conversations need to happen. Reading a book, watching a film, donating funds, and protesting are all necessary parts of the process but it can’t stop there. We need to see each others faces as we share Black experiences—true stories to combat assumptions, misconceptions and the lies that have been told. We need to answer questions and build relationships with our allies for this to be long lasting.

There are many Black people who aren’t tired of the questions and conversations and I’m one of those people. I’m hopeful and I believe that it’s my responsibility to create a safe space for these discussions. I welcome everyone who wants to be on the right side of justice. I welcome everyone who wants to do something but needs some insight and partners in this fight.

I ask that you come open-minded, do some research (don’t request answers that can easily be Googled), be comfortable with being uncomfortable (we're a very respectful and welcoming group though), and then share what you learn here with others and take action. It’s okay to join and just listen. And it’s okay to ask questions, seek clarity, or solicit feedback on an idea. I don’t represent all Black people and I don’t claim to know everything about the Black experience, so I’ll be leaning on the wisdom and experiences of other Black people who’ll join and who understand how important doing this is.

I’m based in NYC but this group is open to people based anywhere.

Welcome and thanks in advance. Let’s do this.


- Shadé

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BLM Group for White Allies 10/16 Meeting

Online event

We decided to spend the next few months (thru December 4th) working on directly impacting Voter’s Rights on the state and local level. Recurring members represent states in the northeast and Florida and we’ll each research and present our findings during our meetings. We’ll also continue to spend time sharing our experiences, questions, resources, and seeking advice. Excited to focus our efforts on this critical initiative!

Join us in a supportive, safe and informative environment of wonderful people. Pop in any time, there's no such thing as "late" with us :)

*For the comfort of everyone who attends, cameras are required to be on during our meetings

Please RSVP if you plan to attend. Look forward to seeing you then!

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BLM Group for White Allies 9/18 Meeting

Online event

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