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The heart is the first organ to be born of us humans. The ancients knew that the seat of the soul is in the heart. The soul is eternal but your body is decaying and surely will die and wither. The soul at your heart center is eternal essence energy and permeating your blood 24/7. The power is within us we just have been taught the opposite that god is somewhere out there. Your blood isnt inheritely bad its all what type of intent is attached to it. Have you ever contemplated who you are, where you come from , what you can do with your life, and where you can go? These questions have haunted me for most my adult life and i have been searching doing healings, meditations, healhy diets, qi gong, yoga, ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, reserach into alternative perspectives of reality. Not untiil i had the courage to simply prick my finger put it into the earth and repeate the mantra "I INTEND TO BRING FORTH HEAVEN ON EARTH FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL" did i gain the eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to feel and truthfuly answer the questions outlined above. The great rememberance is here and blood over your divine intent is the pinnacle of spirtuality. Just as in the movie the matrix you now have the choice to take the blue pill and go back to sleep and your normal life and die here soon, or take the red pill and expereince awakening and immortality.

A video along with song I recently made.

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