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Wing Tsun Training! Saturday 10:30AM - 12:00PM
Welcome, if this is your first time attending, RSVP and kindly send an e-mail to [masked] with your name, contact information, and a brief introduction and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the training location! WT training session is on, Saturday, 10:30 AM -11:50 AM. As always, we will start with warm-ups, forms, theory and concepts, reflex training, chi-sao, applications, then cool down. :::::::::::PROGRAM 1 Material::::::::::: SIU NIM TAU Sections 1-3 LEG FORM Sections 1,2 FOOTWORK Hands: Man+ Wu sao Man +Wu sao switch one kuen ( punch) from wu hand one chain punch 2 chain punches 3 chain punches 5 chain punches (odd numbers make the student switch sides) chain punches period tan-da ( tan sao & punch) ( always first hands in man-wu going forward,2. tan & punch) Gaun -da Pak -da LAT SAU FIGHTING REFLEXES: -Gaun, Pak sequence -Tan, Pak sequence -Gaun, Tan sequence. -Tan, Tan sequence. -Pak, Pak sequence. -Traps CONCEPTS COVERED: -The Forward principle -Centerline principle (straight line and center line) -Wedge concept. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Instructor Phillip Chang Wing Tsun Technician level Bay Mountain Wing Tsun [masked] [masked]

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Wing Tsun is an intelligent martial art style specifically designed to use superior skill, technique and energy principles to defeat an opponent who may have superior size or strength. Wing Tsun does not counter force with force, but uses economy of motion and efficiency to gain a competitive advantage. With this training, you will gain confidence through improved situational awareness, fitness, creative expression, and self-defense!

Wing Tsun, 詠春, is a Southern Chinese martial art originated over 300 years ago during the Qing dynasty. Wing Tusn is a "soft" style that does not counter force with force but instead recycles energy and employs a sophisticated method of response using trained reflexes. Chi-Sao ("sticky hands") training is used to develop and hone these reflexes to specific pressures or triggers so that they become automatic in real situations.

The Wing Tsun program is designed to realistic and effective in application, self defense, and fighting. The art of Wing Tsun was developed specifically to address typical attacks from other martial art styles. The program addresses situations one might encounter on the street including all manner of kicks and punches, grappling, locks, chokes, etc.

Bay Mountain Wing Tsun is one of the largest Wing Tsun/Chun organizations in the United States with branches in the Bay Area, Houston and Seattle! Bay Mountain WT is known for achieving and maintaining a high standard of quality in our Wing Chun: Proper techniques and explanation, a professional training curriculum, qualified instruction, and quarterly testing seminars directly from Sifu Simon Mayer. Every student who passes a certain level achieves an expected standard of quality, knowledge, and skill-set. Instruction includes in-depth explanation and fighting application of Siu Nim Tau, Chum-Kiu, and Biu-Tze forms, as well as Chi-Guerk, Chi-Sau and Lat-Sau reflex training drills.

As an instructor for Bay Mountain Wing Tsun, our personal teaching philosophy is to make you as good as possible while having fun at the same time! Training is intellectual, hands-on, artistic, and relaxed. My personal experience includes over 17 years of martial arts experience, 11 years of Wing Tsun Kung Fu under Sifu Simon Mayer as well as having boxed competitively in Western Boxing in college. I am currently a 4th Technician Level in the system. Sifu Simon Mayer is the Founder and Chief Instructor of Bay Mountain Wing Tsun which is headquartered in San Francisco and also has many schools in the Bay Area, Houston, Portland, and now our group in L.A.!

Wing Tsun is suitable for all people, regardless of age, gender, or physical state. No previous martial art experience is required.

Class is held every week on Saturday mornings, 10:00AM - 11:40AM.
Before class, there are also supervised freestyle training sessions.
Sunday and weekday classes are also scheduled several times a month.
All you need to wear is loose athletic clothing, and also maybe bring some water and/or snacks.
Every week, I send out an e-mail with the latest schedule, news, information, and sometimes links to videos.
Right now, our weekly group currently consists of about 12-16 practitioners of varying ages and backgrounds.

If you are interested in finding out more, or in attending classes, please send an e-mail now with your name, contact info. and a brief introduction to, and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Must be at least 16 years of age to participate.

Classes are held in the city of Monterey Park, CA and Alhambra, CA

Instructor Phillip Chang

4th Technician Level

Bay Mountain Wing Tsun


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