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Are you a BMW motorcycle owner living in the Oxford area? Are you interested in riding more, especially during the week? Are you interested in meeting other BMW motorcycle owners and finding out more about BMW motorcycles?

Well, we may have something for you with our ‘BMW Club Oxford Motorcycle Riders’ Meetup group. This is a new initiative organised by the BMW Club Oxford together with North Oxford Garage Motorrad and Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA).

The group is open to any BMW motorcycle owners, you don’t need to be a BMW Club member (although we would expect you to join the club after 2-3 rides to take advantage of all the other benefits!) - just join the Meetup group and then come along to one of the rides or events. Pillions and riders are very welcome to attend any of the events. We will mostly be doing mid-week rides led by experienced riders with a couple of hours riding and a stop for food. The numbers on each ride will be limited to about 12 so that we can ensure the quality of the event. We may organise some events during the year, these are likely to be a ‘ride in’ format so we can open them to more riders.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance provides a life-saving rescue service to motorcyclists and others. If you feel moved to make an entirely voluntary donation of £2 towards their survival, there will be an opportunity to do so. You should not treat the aforementioned as an obligation to make a donation to this wonderful emergency service

During rides, subject to numbers, we will use the Drop-Off (sometimes called the Corner-Man or 2nd man drop-off) system to mark changes of direction. Please view :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGXRtvk3_EQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhMvb5-EJQ8 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a1l22-iqYo ).

The Drop-Off system is very reliable but for small groups we may use the Buddy System where riders keep each other in sight. The Ride Leader will brief riders on which system is to be used. To make the riding enjoyable and as safe as possible we have a few ‘Ground Rules’! If attendees are not following the rules, we reserve the right to ask them to leave the ride and may also remove them from the Meetup group. Participation in a ride is subject to the ride organiser’s decision. Reasonable concerns regarding safety, competence, health or disruptive behaviour may lead to exclusion.

Ground Rules

· Try not to get lost. Watch the videos, listen to the Ride Leader’s briefing to understand your role in the Drop Off/Buddy system.

· Know where you are going. Put the route file in your satnav and take time to understand direction, mileage and duration. Head to the lunch spot if you come adrift.

· Ride in your comfort zone and your bike’s capability. Don’t get out of your depth by trying desperately to keep up with more progressive riders. You’ll meet up with them in the next 30 mph village! If we change direction, it will be marked by a corner man.

· No overtaking within the group. Rider order may change naturally after a break.

· When we are using the Buddy system, always keep the bike behind in your mirrors. If you can’t see them, slow up until they catch up.

· Pay particular attention to 30 mph and 40 mph speed restrictions.

· Riding pace will be set by the Ride Leader. It will be appropriate to road conditions and group experience. Members riding dangerously with excessive speed in 20mph/30mph/40mph zones or in an unsociable manner may be asked to leave the ride.

· If you need to leave the ride, inform the back marker or ride leader.


· The BMW Club Oxford exists for the shared enjoyment of BMW motorcycles.

· Motorcycles are considered to be inherently dangerous and accidents may happen. By participating in an posted event, members and guests are taking responsibility for their own safety and any consequences as a result of their actions when riding a motorcycle within the group.

· By signing up to any BMW Club Oxford event, you are releasing the Club, its organisers and the Meetup organisation from all liability. Your personal safety is determined by your own judgement and experience.

· The organiser and assistant organisers take no responsibility and will not be held responsible for any injuries, losses or traffic offence fines that may occur during these social events.

· It is each member’s responsibility to ensure that their motorcycle is road legal and correctly insured.

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