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Meet other local freethinkers*, skeptics and atheists. Gather to discuss beliefs, philosophies, and scientific skepticism, and make new friends that share your worldview.

www.BNFree.com (http://www.bnfree.com/) BNFree on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bloomington-Normal-Freethinkers/450729161720644)

*Here is how Austin Cline defines "Freethinker" at About.com:

"A freethinker is defined as one who arrives at their beliefs through the use of reason, science, logic, and empiricism rather than by relying on dogma, tradition, and authorities. This definition of freethinker places people squarely in the camp of skeptics, particularly with regard to religion and the supernatural. In theory a freethinker can also be a religious theist, but as a practical matter freethinkers are more likely to be skeptics, secularists, irreligious (http://atheism.about.com/od/Atheist-Dictionary/g/Irreligion-Irreligious-Definition.htm) atheists, and critical atheists."

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