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Gryphon's Games & Comics

1119 W Drake Rd C-30 · Fort Collins, CO

How to find us

We meet in a separate room in Gryphon's.

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This is a networking group that is comprised small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs who want to get to know a lot of fellow business owners who help each other gain clients.

Here’s how it works.

- We will meet at the Gryphons Games & Comics; 1119 W Drake Rd C-30, Fort Collins, CO from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.

- You can order coffee, snacks or sandwiches from the adjacent Purple Cub Cafe coffee shop. You cannot bring your own lunch.

- I will take 5-minutes to describe the ground rules for our meeting.

- Each person will have 60-seconds to introduce themselves and their business. During this stage, you are encouraged to be brief and concise when it is your turn to speak; and listen intently when others are speaking. The key it to be clear about what you do and the types of clients you would like to be referred.

- After everyone has introduced themselves, pass your stack of business cards around the table. A full room will have 30 people in attendance; so try to bring at least 30-business cards ready to hand around.

- While business cards are being passed around, everyone will be asked if they have an event announcement to make. This is a great time to invite participants to a seminar, workshop or simply inform attendees about an important happening in Fort Collins.

- For the last 15-minutes we will ask if anyone has a business challenge they would like to solve. Anyone can bring up any issue they have, describe it to the group, allow participants to ask questions, and offer ideas or advice.

- At the end of the hour, our meeting is adjourned, and this is when the real networking starts. While it's nice to get together, enjoy a good lunch, and the company of other business owners, the real strength of Business Networks is what happens after the meeting. Now that you have business cards of those who you believe you can network with, you need to set up meetings or phone calls with these folks to get to know them better.

Because not everyone understands networking etiquette, I am glad to help anyone who is new to this. The concept of networking is that people do business with people they know, like and trust. Here is a step by step process of getting networking to work for you:

1) Come to a group where you are acquainted with several people who you may want in your network.

2) Set up a 1-on-1 meeting with people you are interested in knowing better. While you can sell your stuff; I don’t recommend it. Try to get to know the person you are meeting with. Learn their background and what they do and why they do it; If you have interest in their product or service, it’s okay to say so; but 1-on-1’s are not sales calls.

3) Try to find people who you can refer to the person you just met with; or try out their product or service yourself before you refer others. Keep their contact information to build your referral network.

4) Repeat