What we're about

This is a group with a shared vision on gender equality and self expression.
Specifically aimed to help delineate and breaking the stigma between men+masculinity and the stigma of masculinity in modern society.

Why this is important:
*Suicide continues to be the 2nd leading cause of death for males 15-44 in Canada, and rising!
*Women continue to be oppressed and dominated in leadership, personal relationships, workforce as a link to the male 'masculine' definition.
*Conversations to break stigma is the first step to enable change as a community, so that others have a place to stand.
*Young men will be empowered to be who they are without the labels of masculinity; and embrace women in leadership.
*To enable change and support for men, is a process for gender self expression in equality.
*To enable a place to stand for people experiencing the impact of the stigma in a safe and enabling space :) If you are a man or a women who understands the impact of this stigma, have been impacted in some way, or experiencing this stigma yourself around 'masculinity' (both men and women!).

I encourage you to come along, and to meet others and share ideas and insight going forward. We have a monthly catch up (first in December) to hear from the community in Toronto.

It is a safe space for anyone to get connected and share their experiences. Bold+Brave is a community project that has initiated in Toronto (downtown) to enable change and create a place to stand, so that others are enabled to be who they are without the confines of gender labels, specifically to the concept of masculinity - learning a new language.

This group is inclusive, and all are welcome. Marcus

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