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This group is primarily but not exclusively aimed at BOND (www.bond.org.uk) T4D group members. The meetup group is a supplement to the T4D group section on the myBond platform (http://my.bond.org.uk/group/technology-development). Non-BOND members are welcome, in particular academics, bloggers/journalists and private sector partners. The groups purpose is described below:

The speed of technological change is rapid, opening up new opportunities and capabilities but also creating new challenges. It is important to understand the impact that such technologies can have on peoples’ lives and on the work of development agencies. Meetings planned with the following goals:

• To discuss developments related to Technology for Development

• To provide information on emerging trends in technological innovation (eg. Machine-to-machine technology)

• To share best practice and worst practice (why projects don’t work) including case studiesTo provide information on funding and projects/initiatives being undertaken so as to avoid duplication and foster partnerships.

• To maximise Bond members’ reach with stakeholders such as universities and corporations.

To foster relationships with funders of technology-related projects

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Digital Principles 101 - training workshop

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