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Do you want to enjoy sex even more and feel deeply connected intimacy in your relationships?

Maybe you want to identify and express your erotic desires more fully in gentle or adventurous ways.

Have you ever felt like you keep attracting the wrong relationships in your life or were repeating unhelpful patterns?

Or perhaps you've dreamed of having an amazing, intimate, passionate relationship and are curious how to make that happen.

Join us to learn and explore how to create more profound intimacy, sexual pleasure and deeply satisfying relationships.

** We also invite you to join our allied Facebook group Sex Love & Remarkable Relationships to connect with likeminded sex positive people worldwide.

This group is for sex positive people of all genders, orientations, identities and backgrounds who

• Want to make friends and create community around shared sex positive values
• Believe that relationships, intimacy and safe, consensual sexual expression is fundamentally healthy
• Understand and respect that others may choose relationship types different from their preferences (e.g. monogamy, non-monogamy, polyamory, open relationships, companionship, chosen families, etc.)
• Value sexual pleasure and healthy experimentation
• Affirm and respect the freedom of each person to choose, explore and experiment with the sex and relationship expressions best for them,
• Make no moral judgements about sexual and relationship expressons of others which are consensual and do not cause harm
• Wish to interact with others different form them in healhy, respectful and kind ways.

We welcome people of all genders and sexual orientations who want more joy in their life, in their body, sex, intimate relationships and spirituality.

This group offers a variety of events that will guide you through a journey of self-discovery during which you will experience deepening presence, expanding sensuality, fulfilling intimacy, and living from pleasure.

The "without borders" in our name refers to our intentional and active welcome to all people regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, relationship status, spiritual belief, body type, sexual identity, interest, preference or sexual orientation. Understanding the negative impact of the heterosexual privilage and monogamous privilege we actively seek to create a space that is actually safe and truly welcoming for all including those who are sexual minorities and those pursuing alternative sex and relationship expressions (e.g. LGTBQ, polyamory, kink, Tantra, etc.)

Pleasure and intimacy are our birth right and everyone deserves them.

Topics covered by our events include:

• Practice communication skills that will make it easier to ask for and get what you want in with friends, lovers, partners - in routine daily activies and during sexy times
• Learning to touch and practicing skills for consensual, nourishing touch
• Sensual and erotic education
• Sacred sexuality, Tantra and tantric intimacy, principles and practices
• Learn how body awareness catalyzes a deeper sensual and spiritual presence.
• Discover your body’s unique pleasure map.
• Communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills and strategies
• Relationship and dating skills for the unique needs of sex positive people
• Using an open, receptive, curious state, explore how to follow and co-create a thread of deepening intimacy.
• Experience simple techniques for moving from self-love through desire to profound sensual connection.

The skills learned in this group can be applied in these areas of life:

• Expanding sensuality
• Day-to-day living from inner joy and wisdom
• Joyful partnering

The skills you use to tap into expansive pleasure with another person can also be used in the rest of your life to live continually from a place of profound awareness, joy, intuitive wisdom, and abundance.

Consent and Safety

Events offered by this group are led by a variety of different facilitators each of whom is independent. The format of each event varies. Carefully read the event description and ask any questions before deciding an event is for you. Some events are discussion based and others may be experiential. Some may involve consensual touch and somatic learning activities. Our quality standards include the expectation that facilitators ensure that the event description matches what will actually happen at the event.

All activities are done only with your consent which you may withdraw at any time. All participants and facilitators are required to respect the boundaries and behavioral guidelines set for the group experience as well as specific choices of individuals they connect with. Some events have more structure than others. To create a safe space for everyone, our events are not for spectators and so there may sometimes be specific behavior guidelines for those who choose to not participate in a specific learning activity which could range from sitting in a designated part of the room as a sacred witness up to and including possibly being asked to leave the room. If you have questions talk with the facilitator of that specific event.

At every point within any event you attend, you need to take care of yourself. Asking for what you want, saying “No” or asking for things to be changed or slowed down is your responsibility if you are not comfortable with what is happening. Remember that no one can read your mind. They won’t know what you need unless you ask. That said, the facilitator can help you if asked and most often the session will include helpful exercises and guidance to support your being comfortable navigating experiential activities.

Meeting new people can be great fun, but at the same time we encourage you to do it safely. As would be appropriate with any community group, please exercise caution and due diligence about who you share personal information with and who you meet with privately, which you do entirely at your own risk.

Join Us

First, create a new profile that reflects your personality and desired anonymity. Then join us. Meetup offers a variety of privacy settings that you can explore to find your personal comfort level.

In the interest of creating community we strongly encourage, but do not require members to upload a face photo. Please note that nude images are not allowed by the Meetup Community Standards. Anyone in an image must be wearing at least a speedo or bikini.

We welcome people of all genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, economic status, religious and spiritual beliefs.

Our aim is to create a judgment free, drama free group. Thus, members are expected to interact with others - both online and in person - in a friendly manner marked by respect kindness, and clear and clean communication.

Pleasure Without Borders is sponsored by Beyond Intimacy

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