What we're about

Receive answers and get support from people who have same adaptations as you/your partner.
If you tend to be drawn to people with these adaptations as partners - probably you experienced same childhood emotional traumas and try to resolve them.
We share same "communications system".
That's why this group both for people who have BPD / NPD and those who want to understand them better because of loved one or abusive partner etc. Lots of questions...
These adaptations are often misunderstood, demonized and misdiagnosed, or even thought to be untreatable.
We'll meet for understanding and knowledgeable compassion.
We'll meet to heal and ask questions left by hard relations.
We'll meet not to be lonely, lost and misunderstood in this world. Let's see how many of us, aware and interested of BPD and NPD, in Singapore.

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