FREE PHYSICIAN LECTURE-"A new Path to HEALTH for Body and Soul"

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"There is no Incurable" - Bruno Groening


JOIN US for this FREE event at CENTER FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING on November 8th at 7:00 PM:


Every year Medical lecture tours and information events are held from North America to Australia and from Northern Europe to South Africa.
In the mid 1980's, individual physicians started to have an interest in this path. Today, thousands of physicians and members of other health care professions all over the world help to record the healings and document them according to scientific criteria.
You are invited to learn about a natural, cost-free way of obtaining healing and help. Bruno Groening taught about a natural healing force available to all people, regardless of religion or faith, that brings healing, help, peace, and happiness.
Through this teaching, thousands of people around the world have experienced healing of disease, pain and addiction, which have been documented by medical doctors.
During the lecture you will learn how to connect to this divine power in a simple, natural way. Many people experience the healing power during the lecture.

Speaker: Dr.Vogelsberger MD (Germany)

Admission is ( ( ( (((FREE))) ) ) ),donations are greatly appreciated!

Our event start PROMPTLY! Please plan accordingly (we recommend arriving 15 min early, to get settled and grounded).

We encourage you to bring an OPEN HEART... and an OPEN MIND... (and maybe even a GOOD FRIEND... or TWO!)

(NOTE: ALL attending MUST be over the age of 18yrs old. And, children UNDER the age of 18yrs old are WELCOME TO ATTEND,but MUST be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian.)
We look forward to meeting you in person soon!


Asheville Community

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