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WE CORDIALLY INVITE YOU and ALL who are interested to JOIN US at our NEXT EVENT to bring HELP and HEALING as well as more PEACE, BALANCE, and INNER HARMONY into your lives through the SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE practice and teachings inspired by Bruno Groening.

Bruno Groening(1906-1959),a simple German man,had very precise intuitive knowledge of this healing energy and,through his teachings,made it FREELY AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE.Thousands of people have been helped by this ancient knowledge...

Bruno once said:

"Trust and believe, the Divine Power Helps and Heals."

"Love Life-God, God is everywhere.“

"Every Human Being is Divine Marvel"

He also said:

"There is much that cannot be explained, but nothing that cannot happen."

"The best and greatest gift in this life on Earth is not wealth,not money,but Health"

"If you want to experience the Divine,you have to strive for it"

Bruno's teachings continue to be shared today through one of the WORLD'S LARGEST non-profit organizations for spiritual healing, the "Bruno Groening Circle of Friends."

The "Bruno Groening Circle of Friends" passes on these SIMPLE teachings FREE OF CHARGE and offers WARM and FRIENDLY public gatherings in 1000's of communities throughout the world.

To learn more about this ancient knowledge, hear about documented healings, and to experience the healing power for yourself in a simple, natural way...





Please note: A "FORMAL INTRODUCTION" is REQUIRED PRIOR TO ATTENDING our "Community Hours" events.

(Once you have attended a FORMAL INTRODUCTION, you may attend Community Hours anywhere in the World!)

Please visit our Group Calendar for more specific information regarding times and locations for each of the particular events we offer:


These meetings provide an opportunity to LEARN more about the work and teachings of Bruno Groening and EXPERIENCE the practice of "Einstellen"(to tune in)- in a SAFE, PEACEFUL and LOVING ATMOSPHERE along with other members from our local community.

The "Bruno Groening Circle of Friends" is a well respected international organization founded in 1979 by Grete Hausler (1922-2007) that was recently publicly awarded the "Peace Pole" by the United Nation's World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS), on May 23, 2013. This is a distinction which, in the past, has been awarded to imminent personalities such as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate MOTHER THERESA and the DALAI LAMA, as well as POPE JOHN PAUL II.


The "Circle of Friends" is a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION with members in EVERY European country and on EVERY continent around the globe. All helpers work on a VOLUNTEER basis in their FREE TIME. The work of Bruno Groening is financed exclusively on the basis of voluntary donations. THERE ARE NO FINANCIAL OR LEGAL OBLIGATIONS. The "Circle of Friends" is NON-DENOMINATIONAL and is NOT associated with or connected to ANY particular religion. People from ALL of the great world religions belong to it.

In a nutshell, here is the Presentation about the Circle of Friends at the United Nations.


Our local Charlotte Community meets regularly to enjoy FREE Formal Introductions, FREE Community Hours, and FREE Public Documentary Film Screenings (such as:)


at several locations within the Charlotte area... as well as Regional and National Conferences,in like manner we do Annual Group Hiking Retreats in various BEAUTIFUL regions throughout the US.

Our events are always ( ( ( ((( FREE ))) ) ) ) OF CHARGE and OPEN to the general public.

(Donations are certainly welcome and always appreciated.)

Please note once again: A "FORMAL INTRODUCTION" is REQUIRED PRIOR TO ATTENDING our "Community Hours" events.Please,visit our Calendar and RESERVE YOUR SPACE for our next INTRODUCTION event.


Our events start PROMPTLY!!! Please plan accordingly (we recommend arriving 10-15 min early, to get settled and grounded).

As a general courtesy to the rest of our group, please be sure to UPDATE YOUR RSVP,CALL or EMAIL, should your plans for attending change, for any reason and, likewise, please be sure to include the total number of guests you may be bringing with you if you can, so that we can make sure to have enough chairs for everyone who wants to attend .THANK YOU!

We encourage you to bring an OPEN HEART... and an OPEN MIND... (and maybe even a GOOD FRIEND... or TWO).The duration of most of our regular Meetup Groups are approximately 90 to 120 minutes each.

(NOTE: ALL MEMBERS/FRIENDS of this Meetup MUST be over the age of 18yrs old. And, children UNDER the age of 18yrs old are welcome to attend our gatherings, but MUST be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian.)

PLEASE RSVP (reserve) for any events you may be interested in attending.

For more information,please visit: http://www.bruno-groening.org/english/defau...

We look forward to meeting you in person soon!


Charlotte Community


PS:For more information please contact our CHARLOTTE COMMUNITY LEADER directly:

Christina at:



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Now STREAMING on YouTube! The Documentary Film "The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning"!

JOIN US for the FIRST EVER YouTube screenings of the FULL-LENGTH Documentary film "The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning" -- (On the Tracks of the "Miracle Healer"); chronicling his life, work and teaching. The Documentary is now streaming.You can view it in English here at this link: Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNlXuclHhVc Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpafJBwQZRs and part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuTOYYNhhnw It can also be seen with audio in the following languages at these links: Deutsch - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkXYA19-jmzhKZndkZRm6UA Français - https://www.youtube.com/BrunoGroeningOrgFR Español - https://youtube.com/BrunoGroeningOrgES Polski - https://www.youtube.com/BrunoGroeningOrgPL Magyar - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe64aim9iZKSvnlnNm35-8w Hrvatski - https://youtube.com/BrunoGroeningOrgHR русский - https://youtube.com/BrunoGroeningOrgRU - الصوت العربي - العربية - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsbKf1JPW5KE3QPzNa9aXvQ It can also be seen with many other subtitle choices here in the original German version. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkXYA19-jmzhKZndkZRm6UA Just click the link and under the settings symbol(gear wheel in lower right of video), click "subtitles" to find your language. EVENT DESCRIPTION: In 1949 the name Bruno Groening dominated the headlines. Extra editions were printed about him. There were also radio and newsreel reports and even a film was made. Everywhere that he appeared, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of people flocked to see him. They came from all over the world including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, and even the USA. Those who flocked to see him, were sick & injured people. For many it was their last ray of hope. Beaten down by the war, given up on by doctors, they had only one wish, and that was to become healthy again- free from pain and suffering. Bruno Groening could help them, and he did! "There is no incurable -- God is the greatest physician," were his words. Then the unfathomable happened: innumerable sick people become healthy again! THE DOCUMENTARY FILM: "THE PHENOMENON BRUNO GROENING" On the Tracks of the "Miracle Healer" The film shows the dramatic events of that time objectively. The film includes original footage and sound, archived material, over 50 eyewitness interviews, and large-scale re-enactment scenes. All of these aspects make the film a deeply impressive experience. This film, however, is more than a documented glimpse into the past. Many viewers have reported that they suddenly felt a power, a tingling, a current running in their bodies while watching the film. For most of them, this is a completely new experience. Some have even reported the disappearance of pain, handicaps, and other forms of suffering. How is that possible? Groening died in 1959. The tumult over him has long since past. However, even today unusual healings occur through this teaching. Healings from cancer, angina pectoris, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoporosis, but also from drug and other addictions. These successes have been documented & verified by medical physicians. Below is a trailer for the film and a 30-minute documentary celebrating the 10th anniversary of the film and some of the help and healing that people have received. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HnM4X_Gicjg This is a film that everyone should see! Bruno Groening himself said, "Don't be gullible, convince yourself!" https://youtu.be/254ocANTlPo DOCUMENTARY FILM IN 3 PARTS (Each part is approximately 90 minutes)

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