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We believe that Bitcoin and digital currency technology have enormous potential reshape the economy, changing the way the web works and thinks. Bitcoin is relevant to nearly every corner of the economy. Bitcoin provides a platform that can reshape fundamental relationships, promising a new way for people to buy, sell, store and exchange value. We are working hard to contribute to this transformation and we want you to join us.

This group is a welcoming environment for everyone who has something to contribute to Bitcoin, including: curious developers, financial specialist, early angel investors, crypto enthusiast, idea people, programmers, designers, business development professionals, creative types and revolutionaries.

We celebrate innovation and we want to meet creative people to help incubate their ideas. The only limit to this technology is imagination.

This group supports, produces and promotes many kinds of entrepreneurial activities. Specifically, we aim to help startups with any difficulties they might have, and offer other services such as matching co-founders, security questions, supplier logistic, etc. We hold relations directly with worldwide investors who are looking for israeli Bitcoin ventures (in any stage) and if you part of any Bitcoin (related) Project/Idea please send us some general Info in this form - http://bit.ly/1k1PhCp

We look forward to seeing you in the next meetup. Please feel free to contact us with any awesome ideas or speaker suggestions you might have regarding this group.

Gitai Z.

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