Lab Skills Night- Gel Electrphoresis (DNA seperation)

Please sign up via eventbright to save your spot! Only a handful for each class since this is very hands-on for any level!
To help work around busy schedules, two nights a month we will offer a hands-on learning experience of a specific technique. For the next two nights will be teaching Gel Electrophoresis on both days (Thursday Oct 20th, and then on Thursday Nov. 3rd). Future months we will cover additional techniques including: Restriction Digestions with introduction to BioBricks, DNA Ligation, DNA Transformation, and others to follow.

Digital Badges can be earned with each session via Credly if requested!
Gel Electrophoresis: We will be pouring agarose gels, loading the gels with DNA samples, and watching as the DNA separates so that we can measure against a molecular ladder.

This will be an immersive hands-on class so be prepared to attend the full 2 hours and listen carefully. Additional material will be available to help understand concepts and basic biology of this technique and applications.

Non-members $15, members $5 (or FREE if you can assist with the class and want additional experience!)

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