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BUILT 4 FUN - JEEP ADVENTURES - Is a group designed for those of you Jeep enthusiasts who are interested in meeting others with your same interests and having a Best Day Ever! We all enjoy the beautiful Colorado mountains and this group will adventure on to the trail system it holds. Scheduled trails for the Beginner to the Veteran Wheeler will be available.

Safety is a priority and wheeling within your Jeeps and your personal capabilities is extremely important. Please only sign up for runs that both are considered. We do not run dirt fire roads except to get to a trail with some rock fun. Ratings 3+ Please take some time to do research on the trail prior to signing up. Trail Damage, Trails Off Road, YouTube and Trail Guide Books are a few places to acquire that information.

We have implemented a few new guidelines this year:

Only RSVP for Jeep Only unless specified in the information. You can fill your Jeep up (the more the merrier), we only care about how many Jeeps will be there.

We would love to have everyone have the opportunity to run, however that is just not possible. This is a first come first serve sign-up, please add yourself to the wait list but understand that there is a chance you may not come off of it. Do not take it personally, we can only have so many Jeeps per run for safety and control issues. Please remove your RSVP is your schedule has changed allowing others to take your place please.

Ego’s and attitude and are not welcome, we are all out there to have a good time and someone who thinks they are all that and makes others uncomfortable will be denied on future runs. Be understanding of those with less experience, or those with a bit of fear we all had to learn at some point. Be helpful not discouraging. If you need assistance or guidance while on trail please do not hesitate to ask, if you are not wanting any help please let us know in advance and we will stay out of your way and not interfere.

We are out on trail for fun not business, please respect that. We are happy to talk shop another time. Call and make an appointment or stop by the shop M-F 9-6

Must have some form of CB Radio, No walkie talkie’s do not count

Your own form of air recovery – we will give a first timer 1 freebie air up after that you are on your own. If you air down you must have some method to air back up.

Your own tools and recovery equipment, all Jeepers stick together and will work together to help another Jeeper, but do not expect others to provide their equipment to make that happen. Everyone should come prepared for anything. Please inspect your Jeep prior to meeting and make sure it is trail ready

If the run is labeled 6+ you need to have run with us previously a minimum of 3 runs to sign up

Please make use of the message board, whether it is a simple question, or you are available to do a trail and want someone to join you. We want our members to interact with each other. 😊

We encourage everyone to belong to other groups, we fill up fast and may not be able to keep you running every weekend. Our only request is that you do not RSVP to 2 or more groups runs and hold a spot from someone else. If you are on the waitlist ok. Just please pull yourself off the waitlist as soon as you are on someone else’s run. (This has been mentioned to us by other group members you have seen others on multiple groups)

Be aware that if you are not an active member 1 year after signing up you will be removed from the system. We do not charge our members to be members, but we do pay for the use of the Meetup system and the price is member based, the more we have the more we pay.

Your input of Jeep Trails, Suggestions are welcome. We all love Jeeping but there are other interests we all have such as Bowling, BBQ’s, small get together or a large party. Its time to make new friends with similar interests and have a Best Day Ever!!

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