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Brand New Audio/Video/Music-Loving group that will take on the flavor of the people who attend. Bring your favorite tunes, new bands just discovered, or re-listen to songs of old on excellent audio systems. I have various levels of music systems set up and one room in an acoustically designed and dedicated listening room. You can bring several albums, CD's, hi-res files on your own device, or just a list of song requests. You're also welcome to send me 2-4 songs you would like to share prior to an event. I will pre-load your selections on a Roon playlist and stream the tracks through Tidal or Qobuz. Music lovers, audiophiles or people just getting started to the hi-fi world. For those just getting started, I have 33 years of experience in the quest of sonic nirvana. I have lots to share for those needing assistance setting up a good listening system. QUESTION? Have you ever been in a listening room where you can hear the difference between the front of the stage, the middle and the rear? Your speakers should disappear and a full wall of sound should arrive at your ears pulling you into the event. The vocals may come from the exact center of the room where there is no speaker at all. It takes many elements to arrive at that place. HOWEVER, IT IS MOST ENJOYABLE.
This industry has been dominated by men, these events would be a great place for wives and girl-friends to gain an understanding of why we men can sit in the middle of two speakers and jam for an hour after dinner. Over the years of designing, or just improving listening environments, I've heard the same comment over and over, "I didn't know music could sound that good". We will be meeting at Georgia Home Theater which has 8 listening areas and one dedicated listening room complete with full acoustical diffusion on the front wall and absorption on the rest. We also have three home theaters of various levels if you would like check out a YouTube jam.
I'm not out to sell you a system. Can I, sure. But only if you ask and that will be a separate meeting. We have FREE MUSIC CONCERTS 4-5 times a year as well. Personally, I am on a quest to educate and assist people to the power of music. Anyone is welcome that is interested in audio, home theater, and even home automation and new home technologies. During group events, we will be sticking to sharing and enjoying music. Our first event went great! I anticipate this group growing quickly. Come enjoy some tunes and like-minded fellowship!


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ALBUM NIGHT on the REGA P8!! AND... our 2 CH ROOM is up and running!!

The REGA P8 has proved itself to us! Huge bang for the buck. We will have it playing on the 1800 watt McIntosh System. We encourage you to bring in one or two of your best LP's you would like to share. We will be making it a point to play more tunes on this 3rd event! And notice I extended the time. It really does not have an official end time, but it will last for more than two hours! The 2 CH room is 99% complete and sounding great! Sound stage is spot on, the speakers disappear, you can sense the depth in the recordings, all combined... the acoustics puts you "IN the venue" where the track was recorded. We will likely have either Martin Logans or the B&W 802's pushed by an Integrated McIntosh in the 2 CH room. Will will be streaming from Tidal or Qobuz and maybe a CD player if anyone has those things anymore. :-) Kidding. I have boxes of them! And that's where they stay, in the box! If the weather is nice, as usual, we will have a fire going outside and have the Coast Source Speakers jamming. So three different places to enjoy music! The fireplace area tends to be more rock-n-roll, the other two rooms will be whatever flare you desire to bring us! David might be bringing V3 of his DC battery powered DAC, Streamer, Hard-drive and more...... and maybe capable of 5G this time! Our 2nd event last weekend was awesome. We combined it with the 4-5 concerts we have here every year. Steve Winwood's daughter, Lilly, cooked the front few rows with her strong voice and awesome guitar! We had over 100 people in attendance and lasted well past midnight. For those of you in the first 15 feet of the stage, you got blasted by Klipsch new line of Heritage Series. The concert was played through the KLIPSCHORN. You can power them with a single watt, but we threw each speaker 900 watts. We received lots of compliments on the sound they delivered. We have three other speakers in this new line if you want to take a listen. Our 3rd event will be back to the 8-15 guests I'm assuming. I'd like to play more tunes than our first event. That was great as we got to know each other a little better. Now lets focus on the reason we are getting together! Enjoying the rare fellowship of other Music Lovers, Good Tunes and adding tracks to our playlists! See you soon!! Dave

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