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Bridgnorth and Telford Entertainment and Recreation Group

Are you Single, divorced, widowed over 40, at a loose end on evenings and weekends ? . This is NOT a dating group, but a group who can plan regular social events in the Bridgnorth and Telford area.

Group Etiquette and Rules.

Membership Application

On application , new members must display a recent facial photograph and answer three questions, either ‘yes’ or ‘ no ‘, question one, ‘ are you single ?’, question two, ‘ are you aged over 40 ? ‘and question three ‘ will you abide by the Group Rules ‘. On viewing the new applicants profile, if there are interests listed, which the organisers feel are not in keeping with the Groups common goal, the new membership could be declined.

Membership is free for the first calendar month and then there is a one off membership fee of £10, paid into the B.A.N.T.E.R bank account, this is a lifetime membership unless you leave and rejoin the Group.

Reinstatement to the Group

If a member has been declined, removed or the member chose to leave, then reapplied, reinstatement is at the organisers sole discretion. If declined on further applications ( not the initial application /removal), an explanation for the Groups decision is not required.


This is the only way you can attend an event, you should never turn up without first RSVP ing.

Only RSVP to an event that you intend to go to, I realise emergencies and unexpected eventualities happen, but it is embarrassing to book decent restaurants and then no show.

If you do change your mind or something crops up, please cancel your RSVP at least 24 hours before the Meet Up, it gives me chance to contact the restaurant and maintain the groups reputation.

Waiting List

The waiting list is to ensure that if there is a last minute cancellation, the Group can still honour its booking in full.

Only put your name on a waiting list if you intend to go, if you make alternative plans or decide you don’t want to attend, please change to ‘ Not Going ‘.

By staying on the Waiting List we will assume you are available to attend at a minutes notice, so please treat the Waiting List with the same respect as the RSVP

No Shows / Last Minute Cancellations

A no show is where a member has RSVP to an event and simply not attended and has not changed their RSVP to’ Not Going ‘, this includes being on the ‘ Waiting List ‘. The Meet Up App now monitors and records all no shows, if a member has 3 no shows, then we reserve the right to remove the member from the Group.

Last minute cancellation is less than 24 hours notice and dependant upon circumstances could be classed as a no show.


On occasion we may have to pay deposits in advance, usually for Theatre Tickets and organised events.

The amount of deposit will be shown in the event description and the date to be paid.

If a deposit is not paid by the required date , it will be assumed that the member has changed their mind and they will be removed from the event RSVP list.

All deposits will be paid by bank transfer, this ensures there is an audit trail for both the organiser and the member.

Balance of Payment

On occasion we might have to pay in full in advance of an event, a date and amount will be posted in the event description.

If the balance is not paid, the member could forfeit their deposit and be removed from the RSVP list.

Interactions with Other Group Members

The Group is not a party to any offline arrangements made through our Site, the Group does not conduct or require background checks on members, and does not attempt to verify the truth or accuracy of statements made by members. The Group makes no representations or warranties concerning the conduct or Content of any members or their interactions with you.

Tip: Exercise common sense and good judgment when using our Site and interacting with other members, both on our Site and at Meetup events. If you have a concern regarding other members, you can report it to abuse@meetup.com.

Removal from the Group

Please know we reserve the right to remove or ban any member, or limit access to certain features of the platform, for any reason, at our sole discretion.

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