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Astrology of the Four Liliths

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This meeting we will have a guest speaker, astrologer Meri Axinn, Meri Axinn has been studying astrology since 1977. She has kindly offered to give us a session on astrology, specifically focusing on the four Liliths; four heavenly bodies – Dark Moon Lilith, Black Moon Lilith, osculating Lilith and asteroid Lilith. This is a newly explored area of astrology. Please send your birth information to Meri ahead of time and she will draw your chart: Date, time, and location.
Please send your information to Meri at [masked] Frida Kahlo had much Lilith in her chart, and we will look at her as an example of Lilith’s influence.

Lilith Astrology:

Lilith started as an ancient Goddess. Later, she became described as a demon who ate newborn children, or alternately, as Adam’s first wife, before Eve. Feminists have had interest in re-evaluating the myths of Lilith, as a strong, independent woman.