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2015 New Year Message
I recently became the organizer for this group when the opportunity arose because as a "Babyboomer" myself, I want to bring even more value into your life to help make it even more amazing. I hope that you will find inspiration in my new year message.\ below: Once again, the earth has faithfully completed it's annual trek around the sun, thus marking the end of the old and beginning of the new year. This journey has been completed eons of times without failure, delay or hesitancy. As a result, everything under the sun has relied upon this faithful and accurate journey as a standard by which to operate and measure all facets of life. And it has never failed us, and it believe that it never will! Just imagine what life would be like if everyone could develop and display such a record of reliability and consistency in the daily affairs of life and business. What an amazing world it would be. But of course, as imperfect human beings, the best that we can do is to strive to develop and achieve the highest level of competency within our limits of capabilities. Yes, many times we fail, but the shame is not in failing but in the failing to try again, to not get up and go for it as many times as it takes to achieve the success for which one yearns. Of course success means different things to each person. For some it is measured at the end of the journey by whether or not they achieved what they set out to accomplish. For others it is a step by step process, which means that they may be experiencing daily success on reaching the milestones on the journey. I prefer the latter as these successes in little bites leads to an accumulative success at the end of the journey, and you develop an expectancy and experience the joy that come with each success. Your life therefore becomes more consistently joyful, with less stress and therefore a happier and longer life. Nevertheless, regardless of which approach you chose, I wish you enduring success in every thing that you pursue as mother earth continues her trek around the life sustaining sun! Make it a happy, joyous, prosperous and fulfilling 2015! Peace and Blessings, One Love Jim A Foster, LUTCF, CTC To learn more about me please visit

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