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Only a small proportion of Bach's surviving body of work is routinely heard these days. The vast majority of his surviving music--his ~200 cantatas--is rarely listened to, and even less frequently performed. For several years in the early 1720s, Bach wrote one cantata almost every week, to be performed during the Sunday Lutheran service as a spiritual and musical commentary on the day's readings.

Bach's cantatas contain some of his most affecting music--truly astonishing in view of the fact that they had to be written (not to mention copied, rehearsed and performed) under constantly hurried and definitely less-than-ideal circumstances. They display an amazing array of styles, techniques and emotions that we propose to explore in this new meetup. One Sunday morning a month, we will enjoy breakfast together, and listen to the cantata(s) that Bach wrote for that specific Sunday in the Lutheran liturgical calendar. In other words, we will let the date select the works we will listen to--not the other way around. Note that this is a listening-only group, built around the largely forgotten pleasure of careful listening--without visual distraction.

Join us as we discover, with good Java and great company, some of music history's most underrated yet most consistently satisfying body of work. Religious affiliation/knowledge not necessary.

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Weddings: Cantatas 195, 202, and 196

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We don’t know what music was played at Bach’s weddings with Maria Barbara (on October 17, 1707) and Anna Magdalena (on December 3, 1721). At our next Saturday meeting, let’s listen to some of the music he wrote for other people’s weddings. ---- Here are instructions to join the meeting: We will meet through Zoom. The link for this meeting is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89858336939 We will watch videos in my virtual music room on Watch2Gether. The link to this room is https://w2g.tv/bv8v6zagggmvi09vw6 Please open both connections to join the meeting. You may want to try these connections, as well as your microphone and speakers/headphones, ahead of time to make sure you will be able to join, hear, watch and talk. If your computer has a camera and you feel comfortable turning it on when you join Zoom, please do so—seeing everyone makes a big difference in online meetings. Note about iPads: it appears that iPads don’t handle well the concurrent use of Zoom and Watch2Gether. If you plan to run either of these applications on an iPad during our meeting, you may want to use a different device to run the other app. Cantata 195: Text and translation: http://bach-cantatas.com/Texts/BWV195-Eng3.htm Score: http://bach-cantatas.com/BGA/BWV195-BGA.pdf Cantata 202: Text and translation: http://bach-cantatas.com/Texts/BWV202-Eng3.htm Score: http://bach-cantatas.com/BGA/BWV202-BGA.pdf Cantata 196: Text and translation: http://bach-cantatas.com/Texts/BWV196-Eng3.htm Score: http://bach-cantatas.com/BGA/BWV196-BGA.pdf See you all on screen at 10 am EST on Saturday July 18th, with a good cup of coffee in hand! Thierry

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