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Sunburst: An Intentional Sustainable Living Community
Hi, we will be having meetings once a month (until the spring time where we will be having two meetings a month) to discuss starting up a Intentional community, will be discussing and watching several video's on community's. We will also be meeting with other community members and socializing. Tonight's topic is: What are intentional communities? A talk on successful new ways of co-existing We also discuss the benefits of implementing permaculture and the positive side of making the necessary changes to thrive on our planet. Agenda for Meeting  Explain to new members what a community is: Benefits of joining a community: Membership and Application Process. Recording or someone to take notes. Discuss Core Values Our Goals, Our vision, and how we plan to get there.  Community Health and well being.  How our “Community” will be structured President, Treasure, Secretary, or a group vote? How to improve on “Communication” How many members we want to have in the Community. 15-20 Our plan for this “Spring” Greenhouses, Dome, specialty markets, who we want to sell our plants too.  Spiritually “let’s discuss it” Land Trust and what this means: Purchasing Community House  Committees, who will do what: Business Plan Funding Options; Kickstarter, Indigogo, others… Marketing; Web site, Facebook, Google Plus.   Community Exercises to build trust and harmony. Group HUG. Will be having a potluck dinner so bring something to share. See you there. Peter Attendees (1)


30 long pond road · durham, nh

What we're about

Welcome to our Back-to-Basics Study Group!

Here you can meet other individuals interested in co-creating a new world, back to basic alignment with the original organic version of Earth in it's PRISTINE PURE unadulterated state.

The NEW AGE is upon us, and we all can do our part as co-creators!

Many are already aware that because of modern society, we have lost touch with basic natural living information understood by our American forefathers.

The Amish communities remain basically self-sufficient because they have not forgotten vital skills and crafts for self-sufficient homesteading.

For starters, we can first prepare to survive off the grid by simply heating with wood and using mechanical instead of electrical devices.

But we can also incorporate new (and some very ancient) technologies to live a much more comfortable life style!

Here's a great resource to check out:

Would you like to learn how to grow your own food, and how to enjoy the harvest year round?

How about ways to maintain glowing health naturally, independent of our country's failing medical-pharmaceutical system?

Would you like to explore community living, based on sustainable living practices that do not deplete our natural resources?

Would you like to explore new forms of alternate energy, in addition to the sun and wind?

Would you like to learn Advanced Energy Healing techniques where the only "instrument" is your own finely tuned multi-dimensional bio-spiritual anatomy? (These are way more powerful than Reiki!)

Would you like to get back in touch with Nature, honoring its cycles instead of abusing the earth and depleting our natural resources?

Are you interested in self-sustainable communities that can network with others while at the same time each remaining independent... able to survive (and even live comfortably) in the event of loss of power and current methods of communication?

If so, you are invited to join this Meetup Group, and also our companion FaceBook Group, which includes additional members worldwide:

Keep in mind that is also important to understand that the choices we make now determine our destiny on a spiritual level also, since 2013 was the beginning of approximately 900 years of opportunity for consciousness expansion.

Details on this aspect are also available for those who want to understand how to co-create the best possible future. This affects not only each individual, but the collective consciousness and evolutionary potential of all life forms.

This is something else we can also explore in this group, even though it makes sense to simultaneously prepare for possible social and political upheavals, stocking up on food and other vital supplies.

It definitely makes sense to always be prepared for unexpected upheavals of any kind, as well as changes in the infra-structure, as necessary to allow for a NEW AGE OF ENLIGHTENED LIVING!

It is free to join and communicate with other members, although there may be a charge to attend some of the presentations.

All members are free to create and host a meetup on any back-to-basics topic at their own place, so feel free to do so at any time!

If you are either looking for members for your own sustainability community, or trying to find a community to move to, this can be a good resource to connect you with like-minded individuals.

After joining, you can click on the "members" tab and send a private e-mail to any member you choose, after studying his/her profile.

You can also place your cursor on the "discussions" tab on the top of our home page and select "message board" from that drop-down menu. When that comes up, you can view on-going discussion topics.

The first message board title is for general discussions, so feel free to start your own discussion there. Create a topic be about something important you wish to share, or a question you wish to have answered by other members.

The next two topics will allow you to post an ad to connect with others seeking to live on self-sustainability communities. It is not necessary to own a lot of property to participate. But if you own your own home or land, you can post an ad to announce vacancies available to other like-minded individuals trying to prepare to live a self-sustainable lifestyle off the grid.

Or if you are looking for a safe place to live, place an ad in the next topic folder instead, while also checking contents of ads posted by others announcing vacancies in the previous folder.

Additional folders are available to post and view buy/sell/barter ads, as well as announce your back-to-basic skills to others who may be seeking to either hire your services, or invite you to become a valued permanent member of their community!

There is a world wide awakening going on, as shown on the video clip which will come up if you click on the link below.


Yes, there are many challenges which we can no longer ignore, such as those discussed in the videos which will come up if you click on the links below. (If some are preceded by short commercials, you can click to bypass that part.) (

But it is better to know than NOT to know, since


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