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The Liberty Generator (Safe Alternative Power Source)

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Price: $25.00 /per person

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The Liberty Generator is a methane based "do it yourself" project. In order for it to ensure that it is a SAFE alternative power source, it is best to personally learn from an expert.

Please note that this will NOT be hosted by group founder/organizer, but by another member of our group who likes to be called "Real Deal". This is an appropriate name for him because he is just that. He has "hands on" experience in a wide range of topics relevant to this group. He is a real expert in this field of methane based generators.

Group founder/organizer has his name and phone number, and is currently offering him opportunity to become another co-organizer of this group.

Those who plan to attend should contact him directly to get further details regarding his presentation date/time/location. This may be on a different date than that announced here.

Since he is an experienced practitioner, his presentation will be much better than the one originally intended by Group Organizer. He can demonstrate how to work safely with methane natural energy generators, since part of his official resume includes managing a waste treatment plant.

He can answer any practical questions you may have, although it is best to study a bit first so you will be able to get the most benefit out of his presentation.

Group Organizer has NO practical experience, but simply purchased plans on how to build a Liberty Generator, as well as 2 additional video demo's from the site below.

Members may wish to first view the background (sales pitch) by clicking on the link below.

If the presenter wishes to charge admission, you should pay him at the door or in the manner he requires.

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