What we're about

The idea is to challenge thinking here. Define normal.

Example questions we might ask...and solve;

• Is the best approach to something truly the most logical one?
• How can said task be done another, better way? Is there another better, way?
• What different approach will lead to a different or better conclusion and outcome?
• What if this tiny change was made, what are the possibilities then?

So come and join as we brain hack our way to look for backdoor exploits in common real world products, services, processes and scenarios. Learn more about how we can better train ourselves to think about things differently and redifine our normal.

!Important information on the group dynamic!

This is NOT a safe space! You will be challenged. You can be quiet, but please leave your sensitivities at home. You will challenge others and are welcome too, always with mutual respect. This is Homebrew 3.0 so come with a backbone, a voice, manners, ready to think, learn, share and teach. If you're an introvert, that's great join us! Speak up or keep quiet and learn it's your perogative. We respect all learning styles and personalities but everyone agrees to check group identity and insecurities at the door. This is about education, growth, and discovery. Very few meetups are this intense. You will be challenged in a kind and encouraging way but please want to participate or step outside your comfort zone. Also, HUMOR and KINDNESS are a must! We try to keep a snappy pace so if you're long winded or need everyone to know how smart you are, do it by being concise. Contribute your intellectual and emotional value, not your insecurities, our collective ears thank you in advance.

We find 2-3 topics per meetup and dissect them. Sometimes we critique them, figure out the logic or market decisions or factors of them, reverse engineer them, hack them, etc.

- is GDRP good or bad?
- can a competitive Google Maps be build
- how do you detect and mitigate various attacks?
- is your home assistant working for the NSA?
- what's more dangerous, the coffee barista Robot, or the self driving truck?
- where is Larry Paige?
- Obama Vs. Trump approach to Silicon Valley?
- wifi geo detection
- kaggles
- ML, NLP, DL, AI stuff
- hack stuff

Some topics fields include; talking hacking, growth hacking, open source, reverse engineering, ethical hacking, art design and code, software development, hardware, customer acquisition, technology startups, computer programming, startup marketing,

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