Backend meetup


Dear Backend Enthusiasts!

Let’s skip that winter depression and meetup again! We are finally back on track and full of new topics, but for our start off in the best possible way, we partnered up with Plume Design to host Backend Meetup! Join us for an evening of production systems discussions, wi-fi nodes wisdom and good company in our Celtra Ljubljana offices.

Talk 1: Observability: Ensuring quality and stability for a production system, Arjan Topolovec, Celtra
Have you ever heard the dreadful sentence: “Our service is failing, all metrics look ok”. With the rise of service complexity the need for adding new observability solutions increases. We need tooling to debug unknown issues when they happen. In this talk we will discuss how we do it, what (and why) is our monitoring stack as well as discussing the future of observability @Celtra.

Talk 2: Real-time management and monitoring of Plume WiFi nodes, Mladen Barjaktarevic, Mojmir Tuljak, Plume
We will begin with a brief overview of Plume Adaptive WiFi platform. After that will focus on a backend service named Controller, highly stateful component responsible for the real-time management and monitoring of Plume WiFi nodes. We are going to show how we collect metrics and logs and what we are doing with them.