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Welcome to Backpacking Adventures: "Take-A-Hike"

Expect adventures! Some trips will be a repeat of those we are familiar with and some will be exploratory or first time there type hikes. Always look at a map, consider the distances and elevations we will be covering. We will post as much info as we can about a trip so you know what to expect. Newbies as well as experienced hikers are always welcome, we all have something to offer and something to learn from one another! Extra gear is usually available to borrow if you ask ahead of the trip we can bring what you need. Trip suggestions are always welcome! Looking forward to seeing you on the next adventure!

You can find trip reports from our previous adventures here: https://www.meetup.com/Backpacking-Adventures-Take-A-Hike/pages/25968624/Our_Trip_Reports/


1) Since this is a social group you must include a clear identifiable picture of yourself. It is important for the Event Organizers to be able to recognize you like you can recognize us. Please also include your first name.

2) This is a great opportunity to make new friends. No pressure just great people enjoying the outdoors.

3) DISCLAIMER: During all events, everyone is responsible for themselves. The organizer and assistant organizers are not responsible for the safety of the participants. We will try our best to prevent accidents, but are not responsible or liable if something happens to you. By joining the group, you acknowledge this.

4) Keep in mind that event organizers are not professional guides and they have no obligation to entertain or accommodate trip participants. Sometimes things might not go according to the initial plan. It is possible that sometime we get lost in the woods for a while. This is part of the adventure!

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Backpacking MST Section 2 (62.7 Miles)

Needs a location

Mountain to the Sea Trail (MST) Section 2. Drive up Friday Night. Shuttle our Vehicles from Pisgah Inn (the finish) to the start (waterrock knob). We will camp at Waterrock (there's a camp spot for us). Saturday: We start @ 7am from Waterrock Knob. We will eat along the trail, and around 10am stop for a true Breakfast with Coffee. This will allow us to rest a little and get more energy into our bodies. Then we will hike till 12:30-1pm and eat a good lunch (practically a dinner size meal). Then we will push ourselves to about 5-6pm will about 20 miles for the first day. Sunday: Same format, start @ 7am, eat at 10am, then 1pm, then dinner. Till we get at least 20 miles in. Monday: Same thing, but we hike to finish. I'll be taking off Tuesday because the Drive back to Atl is about 3.5 hrs and I'll camp at waterrock knob and drive back in the morning. I'm sure there's many questions. This is a very challenging hike. Packing a lot of food is a must because we will be burning 500 - 600 cals per hour of hiking, so factor that in, we will be burning at least 6,000 cals per day. It's a tough hike.

AT section hike: Gatlinburg to Standing Bear farm about 34 miles in 3 days.

Smoky mountain is calling! This time, we are doing 3 days and 2 nights up in great smoky mountain on Appalachian trail. Meet at Standing bear farm then shuttle back to Gatlinburg, TN. We might need nice weather for this trip because we are going for Mountain view. if rain storm in the air we will reschedule. Saturday June 8 Hike from Gatlinburg (207.1) to Pecks corner shelter (217.3) about 11 miles I heard their are fantastic view from Charlie's summit (miles 211) Sunday June 9 Hike from Pecks corner shelter (217.3) to Cosby knob shelter (229.9) about 12.6 miles. Gonna be a long day but good workout. Monday June 10 Hike from Cosby knob shelter (229.9) to Standing bear farm (240.6) where we park our cars. It is about 10 miles. Option if you want to get up early to see sunrise at Mt cammerer fire tower (miles 232) you need to leave Cosby knob shelter before sunrise. PS : You need to get a permit to camp in Great Smoky Mountains. Backcountry reservation fees are $4.00 per person, per nigh. You need two nights permit for pecks corner shelter and Cosby knob shelter. Here is the link https://smokiespermits.nps.gov/index.cfm?BCPermitTypeID=1 Please bring $10 for car polling/shuttle. We are sharing gas, wear and tear on the car. Please leave your pup at home :-(

AT section hike: Standing Bear to Hot springs NC, about 33 miles in 3 days.

AT section hike in NC. We are doing 3 days and 2 nights outside smoky mountain. But it is still one of the beautiful areas on Appalachian trail. Good view of snowbird mountain, walnut mountain. We will meet at AT trailhead in hot springs then shuttle to AT Standing bear trailhead. We might need nice weather for this trip because we are going for Mountain view. if rain storm in the air we will reschedule. Saturday Hike from Standing Bear (240.6) to Brown Gap campsite (250.4) about 10 miles. But I do like to make it to Max Patch (253.9) for camping overnight about 2.5 more. It is fantastic view for sunrise/sunset. But will see. Sunday Hike from Brown Gap or Max Patch to campsite near Catpen Gap (262). It is a meadow with good view. Need to carry water in. Monday Hike from Catpen's Campsite to hot spring (273.7) About 11 miles. Hike out to our car. PS : Please bring $10 for car polling/shuttle. We are sharing gas, wear and tear on the car.

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Mountain to the Sea Trail (47.5 Miles)

Waterrock Knob Visitor Center

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