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The Badass Breakthrough Meetup (formerly known as the Ditch the Bitch Stigma Meetup) is a place to meet other women who are just like you...independent, ambitious, assertive, and ready to build a squad of women to laugh together, learn together, and support one another.

Our conversations are passionate and we talk about big topics affecting the world and our lives.

Women in all industries deal with the Bitch Stigma, the very real fear of repercussions of being a confident, assertive, professional woman. This meetup is designed to create support and group brainstorming for strategies to overcome this obstacle.

• Badass Social -- our most frequent gathering is a free-to-attend social night with casual conversations and opportunities to build friendships

• Coffee & Conversation -- facilitated discussions with a specific topic plus time for you to share any current obstacles to get actionable advice

• Special Events -- one-off group activities such as going to the movies, a day trip to a winery, taking a personal defense course, and member-led experiences

• Paid Workshops -- these interactive classes give you actionable skills to improve your communication, increase your confidence, achieve your goals and more

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Why did the name change from Ditch the Bitch Stigma to Badass Breakthrough?

During 2019, RSVPs and responses to emails dropped sharply and after doing some research, I discovered that having “profanity” in the name was potentially getting announcements and messages flagged as spam. Thankfully, “badass” isn’t marked as a swear word, so emails should now make it safely to your inbox.

***Be sure you set your settings to receive announcements for this group. I won’t spam you and promise to only send you a message when there’s something cool going on.***

Who hosts the Badass Breakthrough Meetup?

My name is Kali and I organize and host all of the Badass Breakthrough events. I’m a speaker, author, and coach who specializes in helping women break through the bullshit to live a bold life, from the bedroom to the boardroom. As a lifelong entrepreneur, I spend a LOT of time working at home alone, so these events are a way to create free, fun socializing opportunities for myself and women like me, as well as to share opportunities to work with me or attend my 5-star workshops.

Does the Badass Breakthrough Meetup only meet in the East Bay?

We also have an active San Francisco chapter (https://www.meetup.com/BitchStigmaSF/).

How did the Badass Breakthrough Meetup get started?

I started what was originally known as the Ditch the Bitch Stigma Meetup in Sunnyvale, CA as a way to talk to women as research for my book by the same name. The first events were held as coffeehouse discussion groups on specific feminst topics, but when the majority of the women attending shared that they were looking to build new friendships, I shifted the focus to more casual socializing at a wine bar. After a significant amount of interest, I expanded into San Francisco and East Bay which are the two currently active chapters.

What happens at the Badass Social?

Right now our most frequent event is the Badass Social (usually held in a bar somewhere downtown). The evening is all about the casual conversation; you can order your own food and drink (no alcohol necessary).

Who attends Badass Breakthrough events?

This group is for women (including trans women, cis women, straight women, queer women, non-binary people who have been treated by the world as a girl or woman, and gender-fluid people who experience a significant part of their days navigating female expectations).

We often have a lot of women who have moved to the area recently. There’s a wide range of ages, industries, and backgrounds that attend.

Past events (15)

The Badass Pajama Party: A Stay-At-Home Social

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The Badass Pajama Party: A Stay-At-Home Social

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Badass Cocktails: We're Back in Berkeley for 2020!

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