What we're about

Welcome to the Bagel & Payments group! The payment ecosystem is complex, and the number of players in it is constantly growing. Join us for a series of meetups that will help you to simplify the processes and understand the payment world better. The bagels and knowledge are on us - the attendance is on you :)

What the meetups are all about

The Payment ecosystem is much more complicated than sending & receiving money. Our meetups are designed to break down all of the players, challenges, and complexities to allow you to overcome payment challenges in your own business or simply understand the ins-and-outs of this world better.

You'll get to hear key speakers specializing in various aspects of the payment world: technology, security, alternative payment methods, routing and optimization of payments, and more.

Who we are

ZOOZ is a payment technology that provides an open payments platform that allows merchants to connect to multiple payment providers, consolidate and harmonize their payments data, analyze it and make smarter data-based decisions.

Want to learn more? Contact us (https://www.zooz.com/contact-us) or visit our website (https://www.zooz.com/).

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Fundamentals of Payments

HaArba'a St 28

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