What we're about

Balanced View is a modern teaching rooted in timeless wisdom for people who want to be of benefit to all.

The Teaching offers a simple practice with immediate results, and an empowerment network (practice, Trainer, teaching and community). Participation in the Balanced View Teaching guarantees results:

• Complete relaxation throughout everyday life

• Complete mental and emotional stability

• The harmonization of all relationships

• Spontaneous compassion and altruism

• Clear-seeing and decision-making

• Flourishing strengths, gifts and talents

• Skillfulness and solution focus

If you are new to the Balanced View Teaching, the introductory Open Meetings are perfect to drop by to.

Trainers who have successfully applied this practice will lead the talks, answer questions and share their own direct experience.

We use our Meetup site simply to provide information about when and where the Meetups take place.

If you would like more information about Balanced View, you are very welcome to drop by to an Open Meeting and/or to…

Watch free videos ( https://www.balancedview.org/allmedia ) with Trainers

Take the free Intro course ( https://www.bright.how/p/be-the-power-and-facebook-group ) with access to join the Bright Community Facebook Group

Or to send an email to: GoaCenter@balancedview.org

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